Captain's Log: Stardate 11151.5
With practically a full crew on board and favorable wind conditions, the Enterprise set out last night to do our best in battle against Klingons, Romulans and ever-corrupt PHRF ratings.

We got to the starting line and the breeze seemed pretty steady from the west, but with all predictions stating it was going to shift south, the race committee set a southerly course. And although there were brief moments of headers, the wind never really did shift -- so the best thing to do, by my calculations, was a jibe-set. We talked about it a bit on the upwind leg, but I could tell some of the crew were having difficulty with the whole everything-is-opposite concept.

Maybe I should have changed the name of the boat from the USS Enterprise to the ISS Enterprise and had Lt. Kurt sport a goatee for the night.

And if you got that joke, you're way more of a Trek geek than you think you are.

While not textbook, the crew did perform the jibe-set vey well, while the rest of our fleet did a bearaway-set going in the completely wrong direction. Our move gained us an incredible amount of ground and we rounded the second mark (and then the third) in first place.

And then came our dreaded Kobayashi Maru -- our Kryptonite -- our arch nemesis that makes me wonder, at times, why I purchased a 18,500-pound C&C 37+ six years ago -- the wind got very light. On the first downwind leg, we achieved over Warp 8. On the second, we were lucky to go over Warp 5. And that's when the other lighter boats, including the PHRF-Gifted "Upchucka" started catching up. Ugh.

We crossed the line in second, but corrected into fourth. Heartbreaking to be sure. Still, the crew did exceptionally well and should be very proud of their work doing some different types of maneuvers.

After downing a birthday cupcake (Happy Birthday, Crewman Beth!) we went back to the club for dinner. On the launch ride in, Captain Wendy Walasek of the USS Fantasy Girl (for sale, by the way) was asking people if they wanted to adopt a cat or two to lessen their load at home. My suggestion of donating them to Adam Savage and Jaime Hynemann at Mythbusters to test the myth of "do cats really have nine lives?" was not appreciated.

Next week's race marks the half-way point of the season. We really need to up our game in order to see some results. Either way, we'll have fun.