Captain's Log: Stardate 11157.3
Last night's race began with us taking advantage of a good position and forcing the Terrorist over the line early. Now, I know the Enterprise is supposed to stand for all nations and all worlds, but that one was for America baby. I know it's been years since his "Not everybody loves this country" crack on my suggestion to add to the 2002 Sailing Instructions a request that all boats fly an American flag during racing on the anniversary of 9/11 (I called it "United We Sail",) but hey, it still kinda pisses me off.

Unfortunately, after the maneuver, we too were ever so slightly over the line -- and since the Race Committee never got the memo on never calling the EBYRA Commodore over early -- we had to do a quick loop, dip below the line and restart. Yuck. We had a lot of ground to make up and not a whole lot of water to do it in.

We rounded the first mark in last position, but thanks to a great spinnaker set on our end and a sideways set on Choucas, we did gain some great position. Now we had to do our best to gain more ground on the long downwind leg into Little Neck Bay in a dying breeze.

We had a real opportunity to do some serious gains, but our tactician called for deep downwind jibes based on the angles he was reading on his iPhone 4. For the sake of stability in the ranks of Starfleet, I won't mention his name here in the Captain's Log.

But it does rhyme with Kichard Rillay.

Earth to Tactician: You can't see wind puffs or where Chaika, Fantasy Girl, Andiamo or where Thin Man is going on your iPhone. Send me to good places. I'll worry about angles and VMG.

After several well-executed jibes and a well-orchestrated take down, we rounded the leeward mark in third and finished upwind in the same position.

We headed back in to the club pretty quickly as the crew was hungry and I was tapped to be the sole arbitrator on a hearing regarding the collision between Saudades and Bouliner last week. While waiting for the parties to arrive, we talked about William Shatner's documentary "The Captains" and how there is going to be a screening on the USS Intrepid (the aircraft carrier, not the starship) this weekend. Having already watched it this past weekend on my father's Verizon FiOS television, I must say that I enjoyed the film, but am holding a little bit of a grudge that he didn't come interview me somewhere between Kate Mulgrew and Chris Pine.

Speaking of Chris Pine, I should invite the writers of Star Trek 2 (filming begins in January) to our next EBYRA protest hearing for some amazing science fiction story telling -- especially in people's perceptions of reality while existing in apparently very different alternate universes.