Captain's Log: Stardate 11170.7
It's sad to say, but it looks like that time of the year has come again -- the final race of the year's EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. As we powered out to the starting area, taking a quick glance at the new EBYRA Committee Boat and watching the skeleton crew prepare the Enterprise for the race, I began to ponder the usual questions associated with the end of the season:

What crew will return? Who won't return? Can Alex find a way to the Bronx without getting a ride from Kenny? Will I remain the EBYRA Commodore? (hint: would like to see black smoke.) What improvements need to be made to the Enterprise for next season? What commendations/promotions should I award the crew? When is the Star Trek sequel being released?

And, when will John Esposito get to eat a real balanced meal so that he won't have that white sludge dripping out of the side of his mouth every time he sees Ellen and so he won't have to settle for eating dessert off of muddy grass? See 0:55 on this video.

First, the race itself. Missing from the team for the final mission was Commander Jory, Lt. Jonathan, Lt. Kenny, Lt. Kurt, Crewman Beth and Crewman Alex -- all either more than 1,000 miles away or so close that they should be ashamed of themselves (you know who you are.)

Luckily, Crewman Emily risked the collision of worlds and brought out her boyfriend Frank, who has a wealth of sailing and racing experience -- so much so, that I have offered him a permanent spot on the Enterprise for 2012 if he wants it.

Our start was the best of the season - At the favored end of the line, full speed, at the 0:00 mark, and full rights on the rest of the fleet trying to start on port tack. Was glorious to see each one have to change course and duck our stern. And if we had close to the amount of breeze we had the week before, we'd be unstoppable. Our spinnaker sets and jibes were textbook with only a slight amount of chaos on the first take down -- mostly because Mark L, 46A, appears to have a cloaking device set to activate after the sun sets.

We had some great cross-tacking moments and some action-packed roundings. All in all, a great way to end our weeknight racing season. It almost didn't matter what position we were in -- we were having a blast.

So it is now, before our Race 20 of the 19-Race Wednesday Night Race Series and possible entry in the PWYC Charity Cup, that I take a moment and review crew performance:

Captain Dave once again receives a commendation in his file for excellence as the Captain of Foredeck and First Officer of the Enterprise. Dave often refers to the foredeck as his foredeck - so much so that I often consider sending him the bills for repairs and upgrades that take place ahead of the mast, But, once again, all the John and Jane Does on Hart Island are revived from the dead as he yells out "Noooooooooooooo!"

A commendation is also hereby awarded to Commander Richard, mostly just on last night alone. On our way back to the mooring, he said "I must have did a good job today. You didn't yell at me once." I guess I didn't. And yeah, I guess he did. Way to go dad.

A commendation to Commander Jory for his performance for most of the season. As long as school or slow public transportation isn't in the way, Jory does an excellent job commanding the guy and filling in whenever needed in a variety of positions. He, along with a few others on board, are what we tend to call "utility infielders"; able to fill in at any post at any time.

Lt. Commander Mitch has taken on more responsibility this season trimming the chute and the jib. He's really starting to get the gist of of trim, sail shape, and draft. I feel that with a little more time and practice, it will all come together for us. Mitch has also been vital to EBYRA as a whole in offering free transportation services to Brooklyn each night to three single women, now forever to be known as "Mitch's Bitches." A commendation goes in Mitch's file as well as an unofficial "Atta Boy" for the babes.

Not only has Ellen proven to be dedicated schedule-wise on weeknights and weekends, she has been a tremendous help in keeping the Enterprise at her "Flagship" status, helping in clean-up, repairs and upgrades. And before you say "She's your girlfriend, Edd. She has to," those who have been with the team for several years will remember that the previous girlfriends did not. As Dave said earlier in the season, "This one's a keeper." Well, more on that later. In the meantime, Ellen is awarded an increase in rank to Lt. Commander.

Lt. Jonathan may have finally worked out his calculations for traveling through time. Actually, not "through" as much as it is "in". You see, in previous years and in the first half of the season this year, Jonathan had a reputation of always being late. After buying a few crew dinners, it looks like he's conquered this problem and we don't need to chip in for an executive coach for him.

Lt. Zoraida had a tough year -- aside from professional challenges, she also went through the painful medical procedure of removing a Denebian Slime Devil named Steve from her ass. Still, it looks like things are picking up for her and we hope to see her back in 2012 and beyond as a valued member of the team. But, you know, Zoraida, bringing a cookie now and then again would be nice.

Two years ago, I was put in the unfortunate position of demoting Kurt to the rank of Ensign for his lack of reporting to duty on the Enterprise. I'm happy to see that Kurt has reinvested himself and am equally as happy to restore his rank to Lieutenant. We are especially thankful to Kurt for his performance last week when he, singlehandedly, threw his body in front of each of oncoming wave just to keep the deck of the Enterprise and the rest of the crew dry. And, the State of New York was thankful that they no longer have to test the water post-Irene for toxicity levels between storm runoff and sewerage -- Kurt is still alive!

Beth, when not hiking trails or traveling to who knows where has done extremely well on the foredeck team. This marks Beth's first full season on board, having joined us midway through last season. She's always the first to reply to crew-availaibility emails and I owe her thanks for helping Dave, Kurt and I for our annual corporate cruise last month. Effective immediately, she is increased to the rank of Ensign.

Emily has been hard to read all season -- Is she having fun? Does she like racing? Is she getting along with the rest of the crew? Will she stick with it? Well, many of those questions were answered last night when, after being asked by someone if the centerboard was up yet, she replied "I'm still working on the FUCKING topping lift!" And here we thought she was this sweet girl who worked with flowers and plants all day. Damn! Nevertheless, we hope she continues on in 2012 and beyond. She is awarded an increase of rank to Ensign.

Alex brings to the men on the Enterprise something we've been lacking for quite some time now: Youth and strength. I've been very impressed with Alex's enthusiasm and willingness to learn more and I sincerely hope he chooses to stick with it for next year and the years to come. I think his biggest hurdle is finding a way, without a transporter, to get to City Island from his office in Manhattan. Thankfully, he has all winter to work that out. Effective this stardate, he is increased in rank to Ensign.

Finally, I ask all crew to look around for a person or two they think may be suitable to join the ranks next year. Tell them about the Enterprise, our great crew and our Prime Directive: "Wherever we go, we go boldly."

See you next Wednesday for our Race 20.