Captain's Log: Stardate 11172.6
Starfleet Command file 20110921:
Classified Report on Operation Question Pop -- Successful

After a full week of encoded subspace messages (private emails) to Enterprise Officers Capt. Dave, Lt. Zoraida, Lt. Kurt, Ensign Beth and Ensign Emily, Starfleet Command's highly-classified mission, Operation Question Pop, turned out to be a complete success.

Now classified as public knowledge, and for the purposes of archiving the events as they unfolded, I submit the process here on the Captain's Log:

Day One, Stardate 11170.4: The Enterprise finishes Race 19, the final race of the 2011 EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. Ellen knows that there is a ring en route to my office at Starfleet Headquarters (in Tarrytown) but has no idea of when it will arrive, or, more importantly, how long it will take to actually be given to her. Weeks? Months? Years?

Day Two, Stardate 11170.7: Contact is made with UK sailmakers to produce a 8' x 10' banner. First email is sent to participants regarding the plan of attack. Captain's Log is sent out to all crew by email. Conversations with Ellen regarding EBYRA results, committee boats and politics -- all to throw her off. Deception and Behind-The-Back Plotting: Who says I'm not ready for marriage?

Day Three, Stardate 11171.0: Imagine that, UK quotes BIG on simple project. Oh well. here I come. Big roll of 3/4 ounce white nylon sail material: check! Big supply of 12" sail letters: Check! Grommet kit: Check. Sent emails to the crew with a YouTube video and a data sheet on a C&C 37R racing information.

Day Four, Stardate 11171.2: Still need to throw Ellen off. It's 50 degrees outside and blowing 20-25, so I'll still push forward with our cruise plans to Oyster Bay and dinner at our favorite restaurant Canterbury Ales. Normally, I'd say, it's too cold and windy for cruising, but she might think the question will come at the restaurant. She does her hair and looks great. Dinner comes and goes. Nothing. Insert evil laugh here: Buwahhhh Hah Hah!!

Day Five, Stardate 11171.5: Enterprise achieves Warp 9.6 on the jib alone in 20-25 on the way back from Oyster Bay. We get back extra early so I throw in an average-Sunday plan of supermarket shopping and an evening watching the Emmys. Charlie Sheen -- "Winning" $100M settlement from Warner Bros. -- and Michael Bolton singing Captain Jack Sparrow steal the show.

Day Six, Stardate 11171.8: The big box from Defender arrives. My office, usually used for legal work, CLE processing and program event management, is now a sail loft. Encoded emails to the crew regarding the plan. Meet Kurt somewhere on 287 or Beth in the Beirut (South Yonkers) waterfront. Decide to throw Ellen off further by distributing a photo to the entire crew of a boat with a 80-foot mast going under a 12-foot bridge.

Day Seven, Stardate 11172.1: The banner is finished. Plan is set to meet up with Beth in South Yonkers to pass off it off. I'm unarmed, but I go anyway. Instructions sent to the crew on how to hang -- use any line or halyard on the Enterprise they deem necessary.

Final Day, Stardate 11172.3: Must give the crew time to set up the banner. Thankfully, a client came in to the office late in the day to discuss copyrighting an iPhone/iPad app he developed. He tells me to take my time, to which I replied, "I'm billing you hourly. Of course I'll take my time." I pick Ellen up at my place, making a further-delay plan by meeting up with Richie Coar to give him the registration for our almost-sold Committee Boat. On the way to City Island, we discuss my copyright business, EBYRA shake-ups and everything but what was about to go down.

We get to the pier and she sees, off in the distance, a banner flying, but believes it's on a boat beyond the Enterprise. Feeling cold, though, she runs back down the pier towards the car to get a jacket (the crew is thinking that she saw the sign and ran away.)

Back at the pier, getting on the launch, she asks if I know anything about the banner on the other boat, and if I know where the crew for the evening was, only planning for a short sail on what we call the 20th Race of the 19-Race Wednesday Night Race Series.

The launch makes its way to the Enterprise and she looks again:

Mission Success!! A total surprise!

So I'm on my way to boldly going where no Enterprise Captain has gone before. Not sure of exactly when, but it'll be soon. I think it was Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise-D who said it best . . .

I think the worst part of it all is that I'll now have to assign Ellen to the foredeck for the next several seasons. After all, she's basically wearing the new headsail on her finger.