Captain's Log: Stardate 11183.3
As I prepare for my last big business trip for the year, I realized that today is the last day of October, or, as we say on the Enterprise, "Spocktober".

Commander Richard, obviously very, very busy at work, sent me an email this morning with this little gem attached to it.

So, from me, him and the entire crew of the Enterprise, we wish you a safe and spooky-fun-filled Halloween. Try not to drink too much.

Captain's Log: Stardate 11180.0
While there hasn't been a whole lot of activity over the past few weeks, the 2011 racing season officially came to a close yesterday when the Enterprise was decommissioned for the season and hauled yesterday afternoon on a day in which you hoped you could squeeze another month in somehow:

On board to assist the expert yard crew of the Morris Yacht and Beach Club were Captain Dave, Lt. Commander Ellen and myself. In no time at all, we had the Enterprise lined up for hauling, the backstay off and the engine winterized -- and then the slings came and - so sad - our season was done:

But wait -- problem! There, protruding from the bottom of our keel like a photo on Andrew Wiener's Twitter Account, was our centerboard. Somebody didn't do a good job of raising it 100% on our last race (ahem, EMILY!) But, in the end, it gave me a chance to inspect, clean and test my ladder-climbing skills onto a moving object. Splash splash and crank crank (again, much like Andrew Wiener's Twitter Account) and all was back to normal:

The powerwash of the hull was fast, thanks to the bottom cleaning a couple of weeks ago:

It was getting dark fast, so, once secured in the lower lot, we quickly pulled the speedo, reattached the backstay and winterized the bilge and head before heading out to a delicious yet tremendous-weight-gaining dinner at Artie's on City Island.

Thanks to Ensign Emily, Ensign Beth, Lt. Zoraida and Lt. Kurt for coming out over the weekend for the non-hauling (was blowing too strong for the travel-lift). Sorry it didn't happen, but I now admit that there are some things that are out of a captain's control. Some things.

The punch list for 2012 has already started to grow, including some work being done on our sails. In the meantime, stay tuned for news about our Enterprise Ice Skating and Enterprise Ski Weekend events as well as bad movie nights and Super Bowl viewing. Hopefully the wnter will breeze by fast so we can start our work parties, launch, and once again, boldly go.