Captain's Log: Stardate 11230.6
Yesterday was our pre-season work party, where we took on a few tasks to prepare the Enterprise to leave spacedock in just a few short weeks. Already done was the installation of a new auxiliary power system, the running of new halyards and the mounting of new bridge instrumentation to provide us with an extraordinary amount of data to show us just how slow we are sailing.

The day's duties were given out and I began my priority job for the day: starting the impulse engine. After some slow grinding, some extra oil heating and enough black smoke to make people think a pope died, she cranked over and ran like a kitten - dumping all of the system antifreeze on a bush below to either kill it within a few hours or have it metamorphasize into a creature that will eventually eat New York.

As Commander Jory, Lt. Kurt and our new Crewman, Ceasar, worked diligently on painting the bottom with two coats of Petit Vivid, Captain Dave jumped at the opportunity to carve out a small section of the boom to run the main sheet inside. After some complaining about Dremel variable speeds and cutting wheels, Lt. Kurt came up on deck with his own Dremel. And, yes, it was discovered that, even though Dave could do more things with his, Kurt's tool was bigger than Dave's. This topic of conversation, however, was quickly put to a stop when both of them revealed the stubby set that I keep below.

After a successful cut and a bit of widening here and there to make it fit, followed by a few broken screw heads, the installation was complete and working beyond expectations. The only snag we had was running the main sheet through the boom attached to the messenger line -- a bird's nest was blocking the way. Intruder Alert!

It took some time to clean out, and I did finally get it all out, but now I find myself having nightmares of City Island birds putting themselves into a slingshots and flinging themselves into my apartment building until it all crashes down.

Here's a pic of the end result. Great work Dave and Kurt!

After some pizza for the gang, the bulk of the group finished up the paint job down below -- and did a phenomenal job!

Afterwards, Jory did question on the procedures and dangers of getting Vivid paint off of his face, never once admiring the benefits of knowing that barnacles would now not grow there.

Now with just a few more small things to do, we look forward to our day in May where the Enterprise launches and we continue our mission.