Captain's Log: Stardate 11237.4
At roughly 1400 Hours yesterday, we received a subspace message (email) from Lt. Kurt that he was having some problem work-wise that absolutely needed to be fixed by the morning. And, unless he figured it out, he may not make it to the Enterprise's first race of the season.

And yet, at 1830 Hours, he was on board the ship reporting for duty -- the work problem still unresolved and his career in serious jeopardy.

Take note, everyone. THIS is the exact type of work ethic we need on board in order to have a great season. A few more weeks like this, Kurt can one day return home to his wife and three children proudly saying there wouldn't be any mortgage money, food on the table, or educational savings beyond a semester or two at the Apex Institute of Car Maintenance (free set of tools,) but he was given a promotion and commendation in Starfleet.

Now, Kurt did report to everyone this morning that the problem is solved and he gets to keep his job, but his taking the risk shall forever be noted in this log. And as someone once said, "Risk is our business."

It took us some time to get the Enterprise ready for the race, setting the sails, training people in their positions, etc. And, with five less minutes in our starting sequence, I had some difficulty getting us to where I wanted to be for the start.

It was a long course, and ultimately we did everything right, but we did it all slow. The tacks were slow, the spinnaker sets were slow, the jibes slow and so on. I have asked that each member of the team add some WD-40 to their diet because we've all gotten a bit rusty.

On board for their first race was Crewmen Ceaser and Eric, both a little more than amazed at how much goes on to get a starship moving. Both did well, but, unfortunately, it looks like Eric's soccer schedule will keep him from coming back, at least on a regular basis.

Soccer over racing? Really? Isn't that like choosing needlepoint over football?

Special thanks to Ensign Emily who worked the both sides of the pit like she jumped forward in time from the last race of last year.

Missing last night was Lt. Zoraida (job hunting), Crewman Nicole (kid watching -- she starts May 30) and Commander Richard, who threw his back out because, and I quote, he "probably slept on it wrong." A manly man. Hey Dad, if Kurt can put his career and family's welfare on the line, you could at least suck it up and trim a sail one night a week.

Yes, this Kurt thing will go on for a while -- the bar has been set.