Captain's Log: Stardate 11239.3
With our first race of the season behind us and all of the associated rustiness that goes along with it, the crew of the Enterprise came aboard fully refreshed and ready to race in the 5-10 breeze around Eastchester Bay. Now, granted, the conditions were not favorable to our heavy starship, but we were going to make the best of it and sail as fast as we could through the final frontier.

As we figured, Crewman Eric was a no show, and we wish him the best of luck with his soccer career. Returning for the first time of the season was Lt. "Don't Call Me Cookie" Zoraida and Commander Richard, celebrating the end of excruciating back pain by falling on to the deck.

In the spirit of Lt. Worf wearing his Klingon sash over his uniform in every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lt. Commander Jory decided to wear his own personal touch, in hopes that it would fall under regulation wear -- a sweatband around his head.

My father did refer to him as Rambo at one point, which did cue Lt. Ellen to impersonate Sly Stallone's "They drew first blood", but, unlike Rambo, Jory's headband was white, so it looked a little more like Olivia Newton John in Let's Get Physical:

Or as I like to call her: Olivia Neutron Bomb.

I guess it's OK, but if he comes out next week in a blue and white leotard with leg warmers, it may be time to have a little talk.

We had a good position at the start, but, due to the low wind speed and surrounding boats, we had trouble getting up to speed. We followed a few others and tacked away from the fleet, going right, and accelerated to Warp 5.

We rounded the first mark second to last, but had a great spinnaker set and passed a boat or two downwind. We noticed a wind shift on that leg and decided, despite the current, we were going to go left on the way back upwind.

Doubt filled the bridge as we saw that we were the only boat to go left, but once we realized we passed another five boats, we were all pretty happy.

Note to the politicians out there: This is one of those very few times where going left works. :)

Another great spinnaker set and we finished in third position, ahead of several including Thin Man! Now, I know, ratings and all, we should always be ahead of Thin Man, but that's a great light-air boat and Todd and his crew are a great team. And yes, they corrected over us. But nevertheless, it was sooooo sweet to pass and beat them over the line.

We did very well - and all aboard should be proud. There was a few incidents on the bridge, however, and I won't name names (perhaps a first for me on this log, but OK, I'm growing) but there needs to be a higher level of respect and care for those around us. There was also a comment or two about how we race, number of people where, and so on -- After six years of sailing the Enterprise-B, we're getting a good handle on what works and what doesn't, and while I'm always open to suggestions, in the end, it's my ship and my rules.

Anyone uncomfortable with that, please let me know. I'd honestly hate to see anyone leave, but will be a gentleman about it and recommend you to another ship in Starfleet or another race's armada.