Captain’s Log: Stardate 11245.1
As I see it, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority owes the crew dinner and a movie, because we they fucked us pretty good last night. Both Commander Jory and Lt. Zoraida spent the better part of an hour on platforms waiting for trains to arrive until seeing that making it to the Enterprise in time was not going to happen.

Crewman Nicole was also a no-show as was the new mystery crewman from Dave’s Kayak club.

That left us with seven. And a half – eleven year-old David Jr., whose attendance this year is already surpassing some of the regulars.

We need crew so bad that I’m going to suggest that chloroform-soaked rags be standard away-team gear for anyone traveling in large groups in which there is at least one good candidate in the crowd.

Frustrating just doesn’t cover it. And I thought running the Enterprise with eight was tough. Seven is just a comedy of errors just waiting to happen.

But, I’m happy to say that some of it worked – Crewman Ceasar and Lt. Kurt did a few under-eight-second tacks that had people asking “Jory who?” – Don’t worry Jory, there were a few 45-second tacks too and one mark rounding hardening-up that took over two minutes and me leaving the helm to clear the lines.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the jibe that sent the boom across the deck followed by, flying through the air, Kurt’s hands, arms, torso and legs – feet flapping through the breeze like a tattered flag. The landing would have certainly hurt had he not used Caesar to break his fall.

Commendations to Captain Dave, Lt. Ellen and Ensign Emily for stepping up while short handed, not only doing their jobs flawlessly but also others without missing a beat. Especially challenging was the jibe-set on the fourth leg which went incredibly well and saved the Enterprise from heading towards the rocky shoreline of City Island at Warp 6.

In the end, slow maneuvers cost us any respectable positioning in the fleet. I’m hopeful once again that by next week we’ll have a standard crew compliment and get the Enterprise running like she’s meant to be run.

In the meantime, as much as I couldn’t stand the entire premise of Wesley Crusher on TNG, I’m assigning, effective this Stardate, an active-duty field commission for David Beaver, Jr. to the rank of Crewman.

Or is that Crewhalfman?