Captain's Log: Stardate 11248.9
The King's Point weather buoy was showing 17-25 last night, arguably conditions the Enterprise was designed for. But the heavy air combined with a few missing key people, had us deciding that it may be better to blow off the race and just go out for a little evening pleasure cruise.

Besides, it was doubtful we'd even make the start with Commander Jory at school, Ensign Emily at work, Crewman Nicole in Yankees post-game traffic and Lt. Kurt stuck on a slow moving express bus, despite my text-message suggestions to tell the driver that if the bus drops below 50 miles per hour, it will explode, followed by a suggestion that he approach the driver in where Kurt explains that, as a lieutenant in Starfleet, he needs to "pull rank" and demand that the bus increase speed and ignore traffic laws.

As we heard horns and radio calls from the committee boat, we used impulse drive to clear the mooring field, then engaged the warp drive by unfurling the jib. We turned east and accelerated to Warp 7 while a spread of cookies, boxed wine, margaritas, chips and salsa was passed around the bridge.

We got to Oyster Bay and turned around, having such a delightful evening that almost had me rethinking the whole cruising vs. racing thing.

Great conditions, great friends and lots of laughter.

Next week, due to America's Birthday, there won't be a race. Instead, the Enterprise will be carrying on its long-standing tradition of a fireworks cruise.