Captain's Log: Stardate 11252.7
While most of the crew were unaware, last Wednesday night, more so than in a long time, I really NEEDED to be out on the Enterprise. There's something so grounding about sailing through the final frontier and watching the team perform their maneuvers.

The winds were not too light and we were certainly able to get the starship moving, but another five knots or so would have made a world of difference.

We started sandwiched between Chaika and about four other boats, looking for our own piece of clean air, but never really finding it until everyone started splitting up to go right or go left.

The crew did really really well, especially with our spinnaker sets and a rarely-done takedown followed by a fast jibe around the mark. In fact, people did so well that I rally have been struggling to find something funny to say about it.

The best part, aside from the sunset and being with my friends, was that we didn't finish last. At this rate, first place could be ours by, um, the year 2262.

The week prior, several members of the crew and their families came out for our annual July 4th Fireworks Cruise. We had nine adults on board and five children -- all thoroughly enjoying the cruise, swimming, sunset and amazing fireworks display over our heads courtesy of the town of Glen Cove.

Everyone was in a very patriotic mood, and what a joy to hear some singing from the foredeck:

And, thanks to Ensign Emily, we have a few minutes of video of the fireworks display:

Afterwards, as we warped home, we saw a tremendous thunderstorm brewing - doing all we could to stay on the leading edge of the storm. It was very sad to hear the next day of the three deaths on board a 34-foot powerboat just a few miles away in Oyster Bay right in the middle of it all.

Our hearts go out to the families.