Captain's Log: Stardate 11270.5
Last Wednesday was the final race of the 2013 Wednesday Night Race Series and despite having fewer crew than usual on board, the breeze was nice and we ended up having our best -- best -- race of the season.

Never mind that we took 7th. Best is best.

And we got an additional throwout! But, it took a MacBook Pro with a 2.7 GHz Intel i7 processor running Excel 2011 to figure out which races of ours were the crappiest of all the crappy races to discard.

It reminded me of a conversation on board a few months back:

Crewman Ceaser: How did we do tonight, Captain?
Captain Edd: Horribly.
Crewman Ceaser: After all that!!?
Captain Edd: Because of all that.

But this race went very well. And I especially enjoyed the practice pointers that Captain Dave was providing Commander Jory on the procedures during a jibe - information I'm sure he'll retain after six months of non-racing.

After racing, and I think this is a first - anywhere - the crew dined on a combination of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sushi while we discussed kayaking, decommissioning, our upcoming cruise, a party at Dave's, an Enterprise Ski Weekend and the Super Bowl.

And I think it was during the kayaking conversation where Ensign Emily commented that she doesn't wear a skirt and that keeping her legs closed was the best way to be, despite Lt. Ellen's assurances that she was now "wide open" for the Captain's Log.

I hope they were discussing kayaking. I was occupied eating biscuits and tossing chicken bones into Eastchester Bay.

In the end, we finished 9th out of 13 for the season -- the biggest victories over the ex-Gin team on USS Prevail and the Terrorist. Ahead of us were the purple-shirted Klingons on Glory Days, the Romulans aboard Forza and the likes of Chaika, Thin Man, Whirlwind, Breakaway and Andiamo. I was surprised that we ended up behind Eagle, thinking he'd either hit rocks, get demasted, or spontaneously combust at some point during the season, but Ernie's been accident free for some time now.

So it is now, as the season comes to a close, that I reflect on crew performance:

A commendation is awarded to Captain Dave, once again, for his expert performance on foredeck but mostly for his bringing 12 year-old Acting Ensign Dave Jr. to the team. After all, this is the Enterprise, and let's be somewhat honest, what is Star Trek without The Next Generation.

A commendation is also awarded to Commander Richard who, once again, showed his talents being a "utility infielder", able to assume most any position on board. The only problem we've found is that no matter which position we place him in, he assumes EVERY position on board ("head up a little", "trim the headsail", "put tension on the guy", and so on.) I think his dream boat is one that's a single-handler, small enough where every control line leads to the helm.

Commander Jory also receives a commendation for, despite having a girlfriend, coming back week after week after week to (and yes, this is an oldie,) blow the guy. Jory's skills in spinnaker handling and genoa trim improve year after year.

Lt. Kurt started off the season proudly blowing off work to perform his duties on the Enterprise, but as the season moved on, work started to take a priority -- he missed the final race. Nevertheless, a commendation is to be placed in his file for his efforts and for continuing to hold his head up high even while he is the only member of the crew who, after racing, gets picked up by mommy and daddy.

After six years on board, Ellen has really shown her skills as Chief Operations Officer keeping the boat and its systems in top operating order both during races and in-between. She's out there with me on weekends joyfully singing italian opera songs while I am working on the engine, the rig or the bilge cursing loudly in a variety of languages. She's also the Chief Procurement Officer, always making sure we are fully stocked with boxed wine, chips, salsa, water, and, on those other voyages, a healthy (OK, not the best word choice in this context -- let's say "abundant" instead) supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Effective this Stardate, she is increased in rank to Lt. Commander.

Ay Dios Mio! After her eighth year on board, we've seen Zoraida come into her own as a member of the crew -- starting out as a know-nothing newbie and now a skilled foredeck team member. There was a time there when we were all wondering if her career path would lead her away from the Enterprise, but we are pleased to see her happily working at her new job which lets her race on Wednesday nights. Additionally, over the years, we've seen Zoraida go from dating a lamoid to a denebian slime devil to now finally understanding the importance of dating a man that the crew will approve of. We may not be able to call her "Cookie" any longer, but, effective this stardate, a commendation will go in her file.

A commendation goes in the file of Ensign Emily for her skilled work on the bridge. She missed a few races this year, but whenever she's on board, the uphaul, downhaul, board, and main halyard controls all run perfectly. During the last race, we moved Emily to the genoa sheets during the upwind legs and, especially for a first time, she excelled -- may be time for a real posting in 2013. When not on the Enterprise, Emily can be found on the USS Elixir in the Greenwich Quadrant having loads of fun cleaning up seagull droppings and fish guts, as well as other tasks. Welcome to the joys of starship ownership!

This was Ceasar's first year on the Enterprise and in those first few months of service, he's already learned quite a bit running the spinnaker halyards and grinding the spinnaker sheets downwind. In time, I can see his skills increasing even further as he learns a lot of the dynamics of yacht racing. Aside from being a joy to have around, Ceasar is an avid antiques collector, which may eventually lead to my father claiming sailing as a business write-off. Effective this stardate, Ceasar is promoted to the rank of Ensign.

This was also Crewman Nicole's first season on board, but was only able to attend about half of the races due to work and daughter commitments (we may need to have a talk about priorities.) Still, after taking a North U. sailing course in Florida last April, Nicole has some real skills and she's already been assigned to several positions on board acting as a "utility infielder" in many ways too. For that, a commendation goes in her file and the formal reprimand for repeated promises of bringing pizza yet only delivering once (a severe breach of Starfleet regulations concerning crew duties while serving on board a starship) has been removed.

There's still no word on whether Ensign Beth or Ensign Olivier will be returning in 2013 from their deep space travels, but we do hope to see them.

But, all in all, this has been one of the most fun seasons in some time. Thank you to all.

Captain's Log: Stardate 11268.0
I still can't believe it. Labor Day has come and gone, we have only one Wednesday night race remaining and I'm dreading looking at the calendar for dates in October to haul the Enterprise for the winter.

The winter. Didn't summer just start? What the f---.

I suppose the best thing to do is get as much joy out of the remainder of the season for as long as possible.

Note to race committee: "As long as possible" does not mean 29.5 minutes.

Last night, after bobbing around the starting area waiting for a breeze to arrive, a light northerly came in and the race committee chose a course so short that it seemed like as the stern crossed the starting line, the bow was rounding the first mark.

The crew seemed to work hard to get around the course fast, but after the first tack, I realized it wasn't so much to improve our 9th-out-of-13-boats standing (link to standings), but rather that the faster we finish the course, the sooner they could grab the pizza that Crewman Nicole brought (finally!) with her.

The wind did pick up to about 8, making for a very pleasant sail through the darkness at Warp 6-ish for the bulk of the race. And, I must admit, even though we were back at the mooring by 9:00, even just hanging around the mooring eating pizza and munchies made for a very enjoyable night.

But now for the drama: There's only one more race to go. Will we hold on to 9th place? Will USS Prevail be able to unseat us? Will we do so incredibly well that we'll move up into 8th unseating the purple-shirted crew of the Klingon battlecruiser Glory Days? (mathematically impossible, I think, but fun to think about anyway) What food will the crew bring? Who will get commendations and/or promotions? Will Thin Man put a gigantic hole in someone else's boat?

All these questions answered -- and more -- for the final race of the 2012 Wednesday Night Race Series next week. Stay tuned!

And, in two weeks, watch the log for updates on the Enterprise's voyage from one end of Long Island Sound to the other, and back, as we head to Mystic, CT for the C&C Rendezvous, boldly going where the Enterprise has never gone before.