Captain's Log: Stardate 11268.0
I still can't believe it. Labor Day has come and gone, we have only one Wednesday night race remaining and I'm dreading looking at the calendar for dates in October to haul the Enterprise for the winter.

The winter. Didn't summer just start? What the f---.

I suppose the best thing to do is get as much joy out of the remainder of the season for as long as possible.

Note to race committee: "As long as possible" does not mean 29.5 minutes.

Last night, after bobbing around the starting area waiting for a breeze to arrive, a light northerly came in and the race committee chose a course so short that it seemed like as the stern crossed the starting line, the bow was rounding the first mark.

The crew seemed to work hard to get around the course fast, but after the first tack, I realized it wasn't so much to improve our 9th-out-of-13-boats standing (link to standings), but rather that the faster we finish the course, the sooner they could grab the pizza that Crewman Nicole brought (finally!) with her.

The wind did pick up to about 8, making for a very pleasant sail through the darkness at Warp 6-ish for the bulk of the race. And, I must admit, even though we were back at the mooring by 9:00, even just hanging around the mooring eating pizza and munchies made for a very enjoyable night.

But now for the drama: There's only one more race to go. Will we hold on to 9th place? Will USS Prevail be able to unseat us? Will we do so incredibly well that we'll move up into 8th unseating the purple-shirted crew of the Klingon battlecruiser Glory Days? (mathematically impossible, I think, but fun to think about anyway) What food will the crew bring? Who will get commendations and/or promotions? Will Thin Man put a gigantic hole in someone else's boat?

All these questions answered -- and more -- for the final race of the 2012 Wednesday Night Race Series next week. Stay tuned!

And, in two weeks, watch the log for updates on the Enterprise's voyage from one end of Long Island Sound to the other, and back, as we head to Mystic, CT for the C&C Rendezvous, boldly going where the Enterprise has never gone before.