Captain's Log: Stardate 11282.8
Well it looks like Hurricane Sandy has come and left, leaving behind millions of dollars of damage and people stranded without power for what could be more than a week. I hope the crew of the Enterprise and all the fans of the Captain's Log blog are OK.

This afternoon, Lt. Commander Ellen and I took the shuttlecraft to City Island to see if the Enterprise was all right, especially after hearing of the 12.7 feet of higher water at Kings Point and the fire that wiped out Tony's Pier Restaurant on the west side of French Fry Point.

As we approached the club, we found the reports to be true. Tony's was a smoldering shell:

This was sad to see on may levels. Not only was a long-time dining spot on City Island lost, we will probably see an economy-affecting decrease in pharmaceutical sales and heart physicians now that there's less fried food on the island to clog arteries.

But, I'm happy to report that the Enterprise went untouched and weathered the storm just fine:

I wish I could say the same for the City Island Lobster House,

The club's pier,

And, worst of all, the yard at Stuyvesant Yacht Club, where it looks like at least 14 boats have toppled over:

Link to Photos of some of the devastation

Our thoughts and prayers go to all those affected.