Stardate 11307.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11307.1
Happy New Year!

I'm writing this log entry somewhere over Nebraska at 35,773 feet traveling at 613 miles per hour thanks to a 93mph tail wind, but there's still 2.5 hours to go to get home to New York.

It kills me that, here we are in the 21st century, and still using technology from over half a century ago to travel across country. What happened to supersonic? What happened to the low-orbit planes they promised us in the 80's?

Engineering: I need Warp Speed now!

So where was I? The only city in the world that never closes, but gives out tickets for jaywalkers and yet lets prostitutes solicit in practically every hotel -- "Fabulous" Las Vegas.

It's all part of a business trip, which went very well, by the way. Meetings, dinners, and a show for our fun group of trial lawyers.

The show we saw was the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw "Soul2Soul" limited-engagement concert, supposedly one of the hottest tickets in Vegas right now, but it kinda reminded me of that scene in the Blues Brothers:

"What kind of music do you play here?"
"Both kinds. Country and Western"

I only knew two songs of the entire show; Faith Hill's "This Kiss" and "Breathe" -- and since I was in an aisle seat, I got to fist-bump Tim McGraw and shake hands with Faith Hill. Now, I know for some that may be a big deal, but for me, it ranks in notoriety right about even with a good bowel movement.

This is not to say it was torture to sit through -- the band was great and my group loved it. But knowing Santana was at Mandalay Bay and Rod Stewart was at Caesers had me wishing I was elsewhere.

Now. I'm not much of a gambler aside from the occasional order of Chinese take-out, but it is fun to walk the strip, see all the characters and explore new places. And this year, after countless hours of watching the History Channel, there was one place I had to go see:

And say hello to my new chum, Chumlee:

The shop itself looks MUCH bigger on television, and I have to admit being there in person was a bit disappointing. There's a lot of jewelry, watches, swords, antique firearms and a boatload of "collectibles."

But, with all due respect to George Takei, I wouldn't pay those kinds of bucks for a Sulu action figure from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I did, however, buy a T-Shirt with a picture of Rick, Big Hoss and the Old Man on it for charity, and maybe I'll wear it as many times as my Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band tour T-shirt that I bought in 2011 (twice so far).

Did I hit any tables? Well, yeah. I mean, it IS Vegas, right? A little craps (up, down, up, down) and a 10:00pm No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament at Golden Nugget last night ($67 buy-in). And I was doing great, seriously, until the guy four seats away had a A-5 straight against my trip Aces. Aaaaargh!

And all he had going in was a 3-5 suited, not even making the straight until the River. He was a nice enough guy, but a phaser set on stun wouldn't have gone without use last night.

As they say, don't go All-In unless you're ready go go all out.

All in all, a good trip, but I swear, Vegas is the only destination city I go to where after 4 days, I CANNOT WAIT to get on a plane to go home. As I say every year at this time, I look forward to being able to look forward to going to Vegas again.

It will be great to be home. And I'm especially looking forward to the Annual Starship Super Bowl Trektacular next weekend with my bride and the best crew in the fleet.