Stardate 11309.6

Captain's Log: Stardate 11309.6
Last night, several Enterprise crew and their loved ones attended our Sixth Annual Starship Super Bowl Trektacular in hopes to see a good game and good commercials. With 10 people in total coming to attend, it took Lt. Commander Ellen and I, along with a team from the Starfleet Engineering Corps, several hours to configure the living room with enough comfortable seating in view of the 65" viewscreen.

With perfect timing, the food arrived and then the group arrived not moments later. And, despite attempt to try and go a little healthy this year, the veggie platter, anti-pasta plate and salads weren't nearly as attacked as the pizza, fried calamari and buffalo wings.

And, in case anyone was wondering why I didn't order a platter of ziti or rigatoni for the group: If there's one thing I've learned from watching Trek, it's that it's very dangerous to mix pasta with anti-pasta.

With all of the comfy couch seating around, we couldn't understand why Ensign Emily decided to sit on the floor instead, with her head just a few feet away from the massive screen. That is, until the Calvin Klein Concept advertisement ran:

She must have known about the ad ahead of time.

The first half of of the game was dominated by the Baltimore Ravens and, sorry to say, some pretty dull commercials, perhaps with the exception of Big Bang's Kaley Cuoco as a wish-granting genie, a 30-second glimpse of Iron Man 3, and, yeah, this ad:

Then came the half time show with the queen of lip synching, Beyonce -- which was so bad it had me reminiscing of the day when Brittany Spears, Aerosmith and N'Sync shared the stage, making my ears bleed. This year's felt like one of the longest ever, not knowing a single song she sang and wondering, as she shook her booty in leather lingerie and stockings, how long it would take for people to start throwing dollar bills on the stage.

We were so happy to see play start again, even with an adding-insult-to-injury 109-yard punt return record-setting touchdown by the Ravens. We were all starting to think it was the last nail in the coffin for the 49'ers.

And then the most interesting part of the game came. A power outage knocking out half of the stadium, including, thankfully, the CBS Sports commentators.

Of course, there were many theories as to what caused the blackout. Was it revenge for bad Beyonce lip-synching? Was it a 49'ers fan hoping to slow down the momentum of the game?

Or maybe a promo for STAR TREK Into Darkness? Well played, JJ Abrams. Well played.

Either way, I'm sure the crowd in the Superdome were very concerned sitting there in the dark for over a half hour, especially with Ray Lewis nearby.

Still, the momentum-stopping effect turned out to be a good thing. All of a sudden, the 49'ers began to play, finally entering double digits and, on several occasions, threatening to take the lead. We were on the edge until the very last seconds, making for a great game. The final score:

Baltimore Ravens: 34
San Francisco 49'ers: 31
New Orleans' Entergy Power Company: 0

Many many thanks to my bride and Ceaser's bride for taking the initiative in the 4th Quarter to start gathering trash and packing up the leftovers, leaving practically nothing to do by the end of the game except go to sleep.

What a great night -- thanks to all who came.