Stardate 11324.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11324.1
While work begins this weekend on the Enterprise to prepare her for launch in mid May, that is not the big story of the month. The big story? I guess that can only be summed up with three words:


That's right, loglovers, our very on Lt. Kurt, for charity, accepted a razor to the head and is now BALD! And before you respond with the common "pic or it didn't happen" thing, here it is, in all its non-photoshopped glory:

I hope the charity did well, but now the rest of the crew has a perplexing choice ahead of them -- what nickname shall Kurt have to carry for the season? We now need to pick who he now looks the most like and assign him this new name.

So who do you think? Dr. Evil? Kojak? Lex Luthor? Ernst Blofeld? Shinzon of Romulus? What about Brittany Spears? Lt. Ilia from Star Trek The Motion Picture? Does he look like Sinead O'Connor? You decide!

So tough. We may need to rotate each week. But the Sinead O'Connor is eerily close... look at the eyebrows.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates on the Enterprise's progress.