Stardate 11338.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11338.1
This past week has been an exciting one to be sure. For those of you who have been following this Captain's Log Blog, you probably saw the countdown to the launch of the Enterprise.

There was a massive effort to get things ready in the final days. The engine had to start, the floor had to be installed, the power systems repaired, the new floodlight installed, the last of the sails and gear out of storage and the completion of another project which I guarantee you can only be found on a sailboat that is named Starship Enterprise. I'm not going to spoil it for the crew, so the log readers are just going to have to wait until later this week to see.

But there was one other task that needed to be done, one that I've been waiting four years for -- before going into water, we had to go INTO DARKNESS:

No spoilers here. All I can say that when Kirk said to McCoy "buckle up" at the end of the last movie, he wasn't kidding. Wow. What a ride. Two thumbs up and a Vulcan salute.

And with that out of the way, at least the first viewing, it was out to the yard to launch our own starship. Thanks so very much to Commander Richard and my lovely wife for their help in getting things done.

There are many things in this world that feel good, but, in the moment, it's hard to believe anything can feel as good as when the Enterprise is floating again each May. Impulse engines started with ease and in no time at all, we were on our way to our mooring, what we call "standard orbit around Starbase One".

A few hours later, the Enterprise was fully rigged and ready for the season ahead:

And, I must say, the launch of the Enterprise was just in the nick of time. Any longer period of not sailing could lead to a darker, uglier, and far more sinister, lifestyle:

Something was not quite right with the universe that day. And even though I had a few good shots, most of them (like 90%) were epically bad -- the most memorable of which was a 7th-hole tee off drive from the last men's tee that landed softly on the woman's tee just 10 yards away.

And I'm still not sure if the other players in my group were commenting on my putts or that I was a putz.

If anything, there remained no doubt in anyone's mind that boating is my recreational sport.

Our first race is Wednesday. We will continue the voyages we have begun, boldly going through the final frontier.