Stardate 11344.9

Captain's Log: Stardate 11344.9
As the upper edge of the massive storm "el Dorecho" dumps inches and inches of rain on the Northeast all day today and into part of tomorrow, it is hard to believe that for last night's race we had 10 knots of breeze and sunny skies. By the way, "el Derecho" is Spanish for "Wet, Windy Asshole". I looked it up. No need for you to.

Sailing on the Enterprise last night was amazingly fun and I love having Enterprise-on-the-brain on Thursday mornings -- so much so, that when entering the elevator of my office building, I have to remind myself not to say "bridge" as the doors close - especially when there are other people in there.

What I do when I'm alone in the elevator is none of your business.

Back to last night - we had a good start and a fast first upwind leg, rounding the first mark in first place, but with the Klingon Bird of Prey High Heels close behind. We quickly set out the wing-on-wing configuration right afterwards and we were on our way downwind at Warp 5.5 towards Kings Point. A fast jibe and tack around Mark P, and we gained more ground on the final upwind leg, finishing several minutes ahead (on corrected time too) of the fleet. Another first!

It was a job well-done by the crew, even with that smug "I can do that better than you" look on Dave Jr.'s face watching Ceaser and Kurt handle the genoa during tacks.

Speaking of Dave Jr., there will be some official recognition in the next week or two. I can't be more specific at this time as to what, and certainly can't be more specific as to when, mostly because UPS does not deliver at Warp Speed.

We did have a few surprises, though. The first was the return of Lt. Zoraida, nicknamed "cookie", who actually came with cookies! And, despite her Latina heritage, she swears that the return of "el Zoraida" had nothing to do with the arrival of "el Dorecho".

The second surprise was the sushi-free post-race festivities with bottled wine, warmish beer, birthday cupcakes, and Mark Tucker tortilla chips (very Limey) and an additional birthday gift from my bride - a foredeck hammock! Now, I'm well aware that it should only be used at a mooring on a quiet day, but there should be a way to use it for racing, perhaps with my autopilot remote control. Hmmmmm.

Standings-wise, we're in first and if the wind stays above 10, the crew performs as they usually do and I continue to drive the boat from the helm and not a hammock, we should stay there. Next week is Race 06, marking the 1/3rd point in our Wednesday Night Racing season - but we are still just getting started.