Stardate 11351.0

Captain's Log: Stardate 11351.0
Last night, the Enterprise voyaged to Hempstead Harbor to anchor off the Glen Cove breakwater with a group of friends on board to celebrate America's 237th Birthday. The conditions could not have been more perfect for the trip out, the swimming, the dinner on board, and the other festivities.

And, of course, what would July 4th be without a spectacular fireworks display over the rig? Here are some highlights:

One of the highlights of the day were a couple of visits by other C&C boat owners, who I know from a C&C email list (a great resource for owners to reach out to other owners for information and get-togethers) including Kirk Sneddon, a member of the Hempstead Harbor Yacht Club. Kirk owns a C&C 29, and a really nice guy to be sure, but, above all, we all appreciated the relevance of having a captain named Kirk step aboard the Enterprise.

And he admitted that he had to see the boat with his own eyes after hearing we had dilithium crystals on board.

Everyone got along great and the Enterprise is still in great condition, especially the condition of the head, which, we think, is thanks to the pre-boarding briefing on best practices around a marine toilet -- including a mandate that if you miss the bowl, you must clean up the floor. And we all know, after cleaning urine off a boat floor a few times, you'll be able to pee through a Cheerio at twenty paces.

There's not much to report on the Wednesday Night Racing the evening before, other than the massive downpours that sent most crews below deck. Races cancelled.

There was some breeze out there and I suppose we could have gotten some racing in, but I'm getting the idea that EBYRA is becoming less and less about racing nowadays anyway.

Anyway, a trip out to Oyster Bay may be in order this weekend, including a trip to our favorite restaurant there, Canterbury's Oyster Bar and Grill. Lobster Clam Bake.... Yummmmmmm.