Stardate 11374.8

Captain's Log: Stardate 11374.8
This past weekend started with a different kind of boating -- and I don't mean just being on the Hudson River as opposed to Eastchester Bay and Long Island Sound. Early in the morning (too early for a Saturday, but that's a different story,) we met up with Captain Dave for a kayaking trip up the Hudson. To say it was a different experience than being on the Enterprise would be an understatement to be sure, but it's more than just a possibility that we'll be joining a paddling club in the next few days, and then, who knows, there may be one of these in our future:

That's NCC-1701-K -- K for Kayak!

It really was a good time, despite the 10-knots of breeze and 3-knot current working against us for most of the way.

And then, as if spending a morning using muscles I never knew I had wasn't enough, we went to the Enterprise in the afternoon where I took on the daunting task of replacing the steering cable.

Back on Race 17 of the Wednesday Night Race Series, during a heavy-air beat to the first mark, we heard a big "pop" sound and then steering became much easier. Initially I thought, maybe, that the cable slipped back into a groove, but after an inspection the weekend after, we could see a frayed cable that was one hard turn away from breaking loose. And, believe me, when the cable breaks, you can easily go from a nice, pleasant day of sailing to a situation like this:

Actually, that's a scene from STAR TREK Into Darkness -- and perhaps an indication that, after all these years, it was a really bad idea to let the Asian guy drive.

Anyway, replacing the cable requires a bunch of tools, measuring, disassembling a good part of the steering pedestal and working in a very tight space with much of your body hanging over the swim ladder. There's also a lot of moaning, groaning and cursing in several languages, most of which I had no idea I knew.

But, I'm happy to report, after just over three hours of bending, twisting and socket wrenching, there is a new cable in place and it's better than ever:

The next day, we went for a short cruise to test the systems and all worked perfectly. Hopefully, with our remaining few weeks of the season, we'll get some great weather and enjoy the fruits of our labor.