Stardate 11380.3

Captain's Log: Stardate 11380.3
Yesterday was a sad day indeed and no matter how many years of sailing experience I may have, the day any Enterprise gets put away for the winter is a bad one. Oh, how I dream of one day to live in Florida or the Caribbean where the only hauling you do is a few-day short haul for new bottom paint.

Out to assist on this weather-perfect day that makes you want to root for global warming to be real and extended through January, was Foredeck Captain and First Officer Captain Dave, Lt. Commander Jory, Lt. Kurt, my wife and myself.

We got to the mooring and disabled the warp core (pulled the sails off.) Yeesh, the day had only just started and the Enterprise looked like a handicapped warrior:

Impulse engines engaged, we took that short 1/4-mile trip to the MYBC hauling dock:

While there, the team took the sails to the grassy area to fold them and give them an ample coating of goose shit before they go into bags and off to UK sailmakers for inspection, cleaning and storage for the next several months. While they did that, Ellen and I offloaded the gear going into storage and then winterized the impulse engine and other systems with big jugs of pink fluid that looks a hell of a lot like pink lemonade but tastes nothing like it.

I then added some diesel fuel additive that included a harmful-if-swallowed warning on it that read something along the lines of "consult a lawyer immediately to complete your estate documents". But it did look a lot like Scope mouthwash and was kinda minty fresh.

Anyway, after a short wait, the docklines were pulled and we were ready to come out of the water:

I remember hearing when I was young that they don't make enough sedatives to calm a boat owner to watch when your boat is lifted out of the water. Oh yeah? Try being on board when it happens:

Then came the filthy task of power-washing the hull, where the washer (that's me) gets covered in a continuous toxic spray of Bronx hose water, brine shrimp, algae, barnacle shells and Eastchester Bay slime. What joy to have it on your clothes, in your hair, in your eyes and down your throat. Good thing I had some minty-fresh diesel additive on board.

We then cleared out a little area in the lower lot, set up the jackstays and did some final cleanup/organization after the Enterprise reached her resting place for the cold months ahead.

I offered to buy everyone lunch, but Dave opted to go home to his family, Jory wanted to see his girlfriend and Kurt needed to get back to his wife for their 17th Wedding Anniversary, celebrating 8 years of happily married life.

Thanks to all though -- it's a big job and having your help makes it all possible in a fraction of the time.

Aside from having the sails professionally evaluated, repaired and cleaned, we plan to, over the winter months, replace the portlight windows, add another coat of bootstriping, update some of the electrical systems on board, redo the overheads and interior lighting, add solar lighting to the deck and recover the interior cushions so the boat no longer looks like a throwback to the set of The Golden Girls.

In a nutshell, the Enterprise will be better than ever and ready to face 2014 in the same bold spirit that made the name famous.