Stardate 11391.5

Captain's Log: Stardate 11391.5
Now that thanksgiving has passed, I now find myself looking forward to my upcoming vacation, the holidays, new years' eve, my trip to Vegas, and the annual Starship Super Bowl Trektacular, along with updating, preparing and launching the Enterprise for the 2014 season.

It's been a busy few months since pulling the Enterprise out of the water.

First, take a good look -- because you'll never see this again:

That's right, I pulled all 22 of these ugly floral-print, Boca-inspired, Golden Girls-esque cushions (even the ones bolted down) off the Enterprise and brought them to a canvas shop in Westchester. Soon, we will be sitting in luxury on beige stain-resistant soft microfiber. When I took possession of the Enterprise back in 2005, this was one of those things that drove me crazy, but, until now, never put aside the funds to make it right.

Should last 20 years or more, assuming Captain Dave and Lt. Kurt can control their offspring.

Then, there was a trip to the West Coast, which was 100% work related, and had nothing to do with the boat, except, maybe, for this San Diego airport security camera recording the departure of my flight:

The trip, did, however, give me an opportunity to work on my latest project, all in an attempt to avoid the delays and hassles surrounding traffic, cars, subways, busses and several of the crappy launch drivers at the club (two of them are good, the rest suck). So, here it is, the first test of the Enterprise transporter using a stuffed Looney Tunes character:

Unfortunately, Tweety materialized on the Enterprise upside-down and inside-out. Back to the drawing board.

So then on to Thanksgiving, the biggest challenge of which was not how to stay on my diet when surrounded by turkey and sweet potato casserole with burnt marshmallows on top, but, because we'll be away during the occasion, what to buy for my father for his 72nd birthday (you know, besides a supply of Ben Gay, Metamucil and Industrial Strength Depends.)

As noted in previous log entries, this was the year that my father purchased a C&C 27 Mk V and named it, despite all of his family's pressure to do otherwise, the Great American Nude. So, it would make sense, knowing that all boat owners love getting custom embroidered gear, to give him his own set of crew shirts:

But, that was all pretty inexpensive, and I wanted to get him something that really celebrated the boat and its unique name. After some thinking and internet searches, I found it! An on-board welcome mat! (Phrased just perfectly, of course.)

Later, we can buy him custom-printed napkins that say Wipe Your Hands on the Great American Nude, or, perhaps, a sign to put near the on-board garbage can that says Put Your Junk in the Great American Nude.

Maybe even a cashew shell remover that says Bust a Nut on the Great American Nude. Anyway, the next time you see my dad, feel free to ask him if he keeps the Great American Nude wet or on the hard during the off season.

And so now we are on to the holidays -- a truly joyous time of the year (unless you work retail). Usually, I put on the log a holiday-themed image of the Enterprise like this:

... but decided this year to keep it simple.

Besides, I've already received my holiday gift, a subspace message from Captain Kirk himself:

You know, just in case anyone had any doubts.

So, before I sign off in what will probably be my final log entry until after Stardate 11400.0 -- To the readers of the log, my friends, my family and to the crew of the Enterprise: May you have a joyous holiday season along with a happy and healthy (and breezy) new year. Best wishes to all.