Stardate 11411.8

Captain's Log: Stardate 11411.8
I swear to you all.... I'm just about ready to snap. This winter has been the worst in as long as I can remember. I mean, seriously, will you look at what it's doing outside? -- Right now!

7-12 inches expected for Westchester County by tomorrow morning. I'm working from my dining room table. My car is parked on a snow bank leftover from the last two storms. They say kids may have to start going to school on Saturdays to make up for all the snow days this year. I'm cursing so fucking much, I could be misdiagnosed with Tourette's.

Global warming? Ha! There's even ice in Atlanta. As far as I'm concerned, especially after the last few weeks, the entire premise is debunked so much that I'm ready to punch Al Gore in the face.

In the face.

I'm just saying... don't be surprised if one Fall, instead of bringing the Enterprise to be hauled at the yard for winter storage, we head towards the Caribbean and NEVER EVER COME BACK.

I've read books about this. How much money you'll need, where to go, how to leave it all behind. In normal situations, you think to yourself it's crazy, you can't leave your family and your career.

But this isn't fucking normal anymore.

It may be hard to convince my wife, but she may adjust once already there. First pack everything into the car, then head to the boat and then, let's see... "Honey, does this dish towel smell like Chloroform?"

I know I should calm down. I know, in 11-12 weeks or so, we'll be back to this:

So, I'll do my best to forget about the storm. I'll think about the days ahead -- cruising to Port Jefferson, fireworks in Hempstead Harbor and racing in EBYRA (assuming it doesn't continue to implode.)

But, as a precaution, it was a good move by my wife to hide all the knives that were in the kitchen.