Stardate 11436.2

Captain's Log: Stardate 11436.2
It's been a busy, busy past few weeks, but it looks like things are on track for our launch less than a week away.

The engine work is coming along, the sails should be ready by week's end, the new cushions are being picked up on Thursday, and there's a few items here and there which need to be finished.

Last week, thanks to the help of Captain Dave and Lt. Kurt, the bottom was prepped and painted to perfection:

Interestingly enough, once Kurt's wife heard he was going to spend a few hours painting the hull of a boat, she decided to throw a party for her and her friends while he was gone and had him clean the backyard for the party before he left. Did he say, "It's your party, you clean the backyard"? Nope. He cleaned the backyard. So, yeah, Kurt is more whipped than the crew of the Amistad.

But, it may be a bigger issue than that. There's a shift in power going on. Women are taking over.

Just the other day I picked up the mail and found a Macy's Apparel Sale catalog addressed to me and a Jamestown Boat Supply catalog addressed to my wife. I shit you not.

Anyway, we'll see how this develops as time goes on. Back to the Spring prep of the Enterprise:

One of the most annoying things I found after the winter was that one of my just-out-of-warranty batteries was deader than Lt. Ceaser's winch-grinding arm after a tacking duel in 20 knots of breeze. I tried recharging it several times, but within a few days it would drop from a strong 12.9 to a measly 11.8 volts.

The worst part was not the $300 investment, nor that it failed just after its three-year warranty. The worst part is it's 75 fucking pounds! (no lie -- here are the specs: Sears Website Link) and I need to get it out of and off of the boat while it's 10 feet in the air.

So, I rigged up some line and a few blocks and off it went.

Then, yesterday, came project #12,152 (only like 1,000 more to go - yay!) -- redoing the boot stripes.

The worst part of the job is the hours and hours of taping off the lines:

... only to spend 45 minutes of actually painting:

... but I must say that the finished product really does look pretty damn good:

But, wow, were my arms tired. I spent the rest of day installing a new smaller, and WAY LIGHTER, AGM battery and started to plan out a revamped 12V electrical system based on intense discussions on the C&C list (one battery for starting, the other for the "house", and always separate, except for an emergency - including the addition of a echo charger.)

Assuming all goes well, and it should, we should be in the water by Sunday and racing by Wednesday.