Stardate 11438.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11438.1
It was a looooong, ccccccooold winter, but after all that grief and snow, I'm happy to report that the following happened yesterday at high tide:

Unfortunately, all did not go 100% well. After launching, I had trouble getting the engine started, but before screaming, I remembered back to an incident last year and checked the engine stop lever. A-ha! Dropped it back into position and she started right up.

Then, after running for a few minutes, I noticed very little water coming out of the back and my temperature gauge slowly rising. I went down below and checked the thru-hull and, sure enough, it was closed. I opened it and water was streaming out of the boat like a young boy after finishing a Big Gulp.

In gear and on the way to the mooring, I put the Enterprise in neutral and readied myself to jump forward to grab the pick-up buoy. Still going a little too fast, I dropped the boat into reverse. Happy with my rate of approach, I tried to put the boat back into neutral. Nope. Forward. Nope. Holy Hell. Now the Enterprise going backwards and I can't go forward for anything. So I lined up my approach to the buoy in reverse, grabbed it from the stern and then killed the engine. Then I walked the loops forward and put them on the bow. Yeeeesh! Thankfully, and you won't hear me say this often, there wasn't much of a breeze.

Anyway, the mechanic will fix it today and all will be fine in time for our first race on Wednesday.

We will, once again, Boldly Go . . .