Stardate 11438.9

Captain's Log: Stardate 11438.9
Thanks to the help of Captain Dave and Acting Ensign DJ, we loaded the genoa and main sail on to the Enterprise and then started the daunting task of putting everything on the rig.

Either I'm getting older or those sails are getting heavier each season.

They must be getting heavier each season. Yeah, that's it.

Meanwhile, at the clubhouse a few hundred yards away, thanks to the new security cameras placed around the club, the following dialogue was recorded:

Richard: Look, Kurt. There's wind. Should be a good night.
Kurt: There's the Enterprise. Looks like they are putting the sails on.
Richard: Looks heavy.
Kurt: Yeah. And a lot of running around. Ummm....
Richard: Can they see us?
Kurt: No, they look busy. Probably could use our help, but.....
Richard: ...but the bus is late, right? Heh Heh.
Kurt: Yeah. We blame the bus service. I'll send a text message that the bus is late.
Richard: Good idea. I'll leave him a voice mail saying the bus is 15 minutes late and we are on it now. Hee Hee.
Kurt: He usually keeps his phone down below.
Richard: Doesn't matter. It'll just corroborate our story later when he sees and hears the messages.
Kurt: You're evil. You know that. At least I made the work party.
Richard: Shush. This will work. Those sails look heavy. There's three of them pulling on that jib halyard.
Kurt: Ok. Hee Hee.
Richard: OK. The main is just about on. We can head out now.
Kurt: We're really late now. It's 6:45.
Richard: Maybe, but the race committee isn't on the launch yet either. Let's go.

Anyway, once everyone was on board, we showed off the Enterprise's new looks and started up the engine to head out to the starting area for our first race of the season.

That is, if you could actually call it a race. Our start was miserable (my Citizen watch's fault -- though it seems to be working now), we had slow tacks, and we were getting headed where we should have been lifted and fighting current where we should have been riding it.

And, despite the breeze, the race committee postponed the start for quite a long time. Eben, EBYRA's Principal Race Officer, said he was having boat problems, but I think it was because the crew was late getting on board. That, and they tried three times to anchor, just to set a line that is skewed 30 degrees. Ugh. I am so glad I'm EBYRetired.

We crossed the starting line last, went right when we should have went left, but rounded the first (and only) mark in third. We crossed the finish line in second, but, of course, corrected into fifth.

Over the holiday weekend, I'll start working on my laundry list of repairs and adjustments, including the port navigation light and some other electrical things here and there. I had planned to grease the internal workings of the winches, but, after last night, it may just be easier to lubricate Ceaser.

Regardless of performance, the chill in the air and the occasional rain drizzle, it was certainly great to be out there again.