Stardate 11440.8

Captain's Log: Stardate 11440.8
Last night marked the first Wednesday Night race after Memorial Day, often referred to as the unofficial start of summer. However, with the overcast skies, high winds and temps in the low 50s, it felt like like summer came and went and we were racing in October.

The wind was up, out of the East, and the waves were slamming the smaller boats around. But, as expected, the Enterprise plowed through with no issues. Warp Speed!

But it didn't take long to see that members of the crew were having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced action on board. We started in third place, had some slow tacks, and I found myself pinching to reach the windward mark just to spare Lt. Kurt and Ensign Ceaser the "workout" of another couple of 20-second tacks.

Still, we rounded the first mark in first place and held our position, though sometimes not at top speed, for the duration of the race.

Down below, in the cabin, stuff was being tossed about and it was starting to look like a tornado went through. The most upsetting was the opening of the engine-supply cabinet which spilled the oil pump onto the newly-covered microfiber berth in the Captain's quarters. With any luck, the dry cleaners will be able to clean it up and we can avoid the cost of replacing it - again.

Meanwhile, on deck, we were getting the sails down and somehow, some way, Lt. Kurt opened the centerboard clutch and sent the centerboard down uncontrolled, snapping the cable off, just a week or two before its annual inspection by the divers.

Now, granted, the cable could have been frayed and weak, but still, there was only one thing going through my mind last night:

That, of course, was followed by heart palpitations and hyperventilating, and me trying to keep control over my emotions and screaming out we are done with racing forever.

I'll be honest. I was that close.

The crew should thank my wife Ellen the next time they see her for calming me down.

But there's no need to go to extremes. Ellen and I took some time, after kicking the rest of the crew off (Somewhat rudely, too -- I apologize,) cleaned things up and restored the systems that malfunctioned. And, I sent off a subspace message (email) to the Barnacle Buster about the problem in a hopeful long-shot effort to avoid a short haul and repair bill at a commercial yard. Turns out Joe and Scot say it may be easy for them to do and they will get back to me about when they can get out there. If that's the case, they have a customer in me for life.

So, maybe, in the future, we take a look at the conditions, and the crew on board, and consider not racing on a "hairy"-ish night.

In the meantime, everyone has two weeks off while J-Lo takes over the Bronx on June 4, repairs are made and we get the Enterprise back to full Federation-Flagship status. We race again on June 18. By then, we'll be ready to Boldly Go again.