Stardate 11452.3

Captain's Log: Stardate 11452.3
As we prepped the Enterprise for racing last night, it felt like its been over a month since we were out here. And then I realized, wow, it has been over a month. Bad weather kept us off for the last couple of weeks, but before that, the Enterprise was undergoing repairs - which reminded me of a special commendation that needed to be presented. So, with everyone present on the bridge, I called Lt. Kurt's attention and presented him with a souvenir keychain with the engraved plastic tag that used to mark the cam cleat labelled "Centerboard".

As we got to the starting area, I heard Eben on Favored End call on the radio to Richie Coar on Chaika and then went on and on on Channel 73 about how the boat's engine is stalling, how he hit another boat, and how he is very uncomfortable with even being on board the failing committee boat (on a side note: he called Richie Coar because, out of the seven board members that run EBYRA, Richie is the only one who actually participates in EBYRA racing -- yikes!) Anyway, after close to 20 years of deep involvement with EBYRA, it was an enormous relief to know this was now somebody else's problem. But maybe I shouldn't have said "Ha Ha" when we passed by Richie's boat a minute later.

Our start was so-so -- I need to allow for more time to tack for our new casual-racing attitude, but we had good speed going up the windward leg, passing each boat in the fleet (except for one - a well-sailed C&C 37.) We had Acting Ensign Dave Jr. on the tailing, Lt. Kurt winching, Captain Dave on foredeck, my father on the main and Ensign Ceaser taking over my wife's usual duty of releasing and operations (she is taking a break from racing life.)

The releases during the tacks were, shall we say, "interesting." While Ceaser did pretty well before the start, once the race began, things were different. On one of them, and this is a first for the Enterprise, he ended up on his back on the cockpit floor.

When I got home and told the story, my wife kept asking how exactly did Ceaser end up on the cockpit floor flopping around, and it wasn't until just now that I could think of a way to describe it. So, here it is: During a crucial tack (we were close to a collision situation with another boat who would have rights on us), Ceaser decided to pay homage to a scene from the movie "Animal House" that was during the song "Shout" by Otis Day and The Knights. See this clip from YouTube right after Bluto (John Belushi) yells out "GATOR!":

Yep. That's it. Mystery solved.

We rounded the first and only mark (it was a very short race) in second and it did take us some time to get the wing-on-wing configuration set, giving Wolf an opportunity to catch up. We were neck and neck for most of the downwind leg, but I'm happy to report that, even as the wind got lighter, the Enterprise did cross ahead by 8 seconds.

We rushed to get everything away and back on the mooring before the squall come though. I must admit, as good as it felt to be racing again, it felt better to be inside the Enterprise with a downpour going on outdoors and seeing no leaks coming in from the new port light windows.