Stardate 11452.6

Captain's Log: Stardate 11452.6
Well, it didn't take long for me to receive news regarding one of today's headlines: A Long Island man spends $500,000 to remodel his basement to a Star Trek collector's "shrine" and Enterprise (NX-01) bridge.

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Anthony Sforza has spent the last three years building the basement, with the full support of his wife and two children, but with only mixed support from his sister who said, "I think he's a freak, but he loves it and he could be into worse things so if that's what makes him happy then that's great."

Here is the video, courtesy of Barcroft TV:

I'd like to go on record that I agree with Mr. Sforza's sister -- he is a Freak (with a capital "F".) A complete nut job. His actions give the worldwide Trek fans a bad name. It is, without a doubt, nothing short of crazy to spend that kind of time and over a half of a million dollars to do that to a basement.

He could have just bought a sailboat instead.