Stardate 11454.2

Captain's Log: Stardate 11454.2
Last night, the crew boarded the Enterprise in hopes to compete in another Wednesday Night race, but hopes dwindled fast as the wind instrument displayed readings like 4.6, 3.1 and 2.7. But, we fired up the impulse engine anyway and headed out to the starting area using the age-old philosophy handed down from the timeless wisdom of none other than sailing expert Captain Ron; "If anything is gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there."

Most. Favorite. Sailing. Movie. Ever.

So we got to the starting area with the rest of the fleet, and EBYRA's P.R.O. Eben, after seeing the 2.7 breeze from the southeast, decides to move the starting area south about two miles to mark A. So, apparently as part of EBYRA's efforts to keep our dependency on fuel going strong, 35+ boats motored to Mark A, only to be left puttering around in the same breeze conditions.

Oh yeah. This is much better.

We took the opportunity to enjoy the evening's temperature and look over the other boats in the fleet, including one that was attempting to fly a spinnaker that looked like an italian national flag. Lt. Kurt looked at the scratch sheet and assumed it was the boat "Scacciapensieri", but, having trouble trying to pronounce the name, asked Ensign Ceaser Monitto to read it.

By the way, it wasn't "Scacciapensieri" either, but the J-80 "Courageous" -- which leads to the question as to why Kurt would assume that an italian could not have been "Courageous".

So much racism in that 5 minutes that I didn't know where to go from there. Be careful Kurt - don't want to see you get whacked.

And, speaking of Kurt, he announced that his neurologist would be interested in possibly joining the crew. While I have no idea if he knows anything about sailing, it may be beneficial to have someone on board who can actually explain Kurt's brain.

Anyway, as expected, the race was cancelled due to lack of wind, so we all powered back to our mooring fields, with the only solace being the spectacular sunset:

(Click on it to see it real big -- and check out those rays going through the clouds -- wow!)

Meanwhile, the Enterprise is ready for what is supposed to be a fantastic weekend weather-wise -- a high of only 82 in New York in mid-July. Global warming? Hah! Suck it, Al Gore! (See previous log entry regarding "in the face.")