Stardate 11469.6

Captain's Log: Stardate 11469.6
Last night's conditions were perfect for a Wednesday night race: Clear skies, great breeze and comfortable temperatures. And how does EBYRA celebrate what could be the greatest race night of the season? With a 25-minute course.

25 minutes. Really?

And before you say "It was getting dark" I remind you that it's called the Wednesday Night Race Series. Night = Dark. Get used to it. You want to race in brightness, sign up for a fucking Day Race.

Seriously - we spent more time in the car driving from Yonkers to City Island than on the race course.

So we made the best of it -- or at least the best we could. There were a total of two tacks and one jibe. I swear, if you blinked, you may have missed the entire race.

But as two tacks and one jibe go, we did it perfectly. We gained some ground after the start, rounded the A mark at Warp 7 ahead of the fleet, screamed down to Big Tom on a broad reach, and then back to the finish line, which wasn't really upwind any more.

I think Dave took a nap on the foredeck. Nothing else to do.

We finished in first place, correcting into third. And yes, the engine got more hours than the sails did.

Sorry to say it -- this was a piss-poor job by the race committee. If only one of the EBYRA Board was out there with us racing, they could have made a change, but maybe they are the smart ones abandoning this series for other harbors and other hobbies.

Perhaps that is why last week Paul Strauch on Andiamo kept asking me to get involved and make the race committee abandon the race, even though I'm no longer part of the EBYRA governance. He kept yelling over to us "C'mon Edd. Enough already. Make them cancel. Don't you have photon torpedoes?"

This is the same Andiamo that's a brand new boat, with its new shiny black sails made of some UK material called unobtainium, with its Port Washington club membership between some of the richest real estate on the east coat, and whose owner could probably buy EBYRA and the four owner clubs with what's in his wallet.

Well Paul, all I can say is....

Yes, we do have photon torpedoes.

On to next week - the final race of this year's Wednesday Night Race Series. Hopefully we'll be on the boat more than a half hour this time.