Stardate 11471.5

Captain's Log: Stardate 11471.5
So how does EBYRA top a race that consisted of two tacks and one jibe? How about a race with no tacks and one jibe? That's right, even once the race committee was notified that the first mark was a fetch for the entire fleet, they sent us off to T anyway. If they sent us to P, we all would have had to do at least two tacks followed by a rushed jibe due to the restricted area off of Kings Point. But no. That would involve tactics, maneuvers, sail handling and, perhaps more than an hour on the race course.

And it appears, at least from the courses and racing times we've seen most of the season, that EBYRA clearly isn't about that. Ugh.

But what the hell. It was the last race of the season and we were going to make the best of it.

And I started to make the best of it with a last place start in the last division. And since all divisions were sailing the same course, the entire fleet was ahead of us -- 22 other boats all on starboard and all on the layline. Let the parade begin!

But then something incredible happened. We went off the layline by turning slightly right, heading up in order to avoid Saudades's wind shadow. That slight course correction put us in a puff and clear air.

Here is a video of how it happened.

So then we passed Saudades. And then Wavelength. And then Wolf. And then Wuestwind. Holy shit! Are we in first?

Then it was like some late night TV Commercial -- But wait! There's more!

We were starting to pass the division that started 5 minutes ahead of us. First Wild Child (who tried to head us up. C'mon Brad. Really? Really?), then Live Wire, then Rita . . .

After our one jibe around the mark, we passed the rest of the division and, I must admit, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.

But wait -- there's some of the next division -- the one that started 10 minutes ahead! We passed JalapeƱo, Glory Days, and Seaduced.

We passed 15 boats already! Wait! What's that? We're close to the finish, but there's Sea Castle who's started 15, yes 15, minutes ahead of us. More speed! More speed!

And from down below, I could swear I heard a Scottish accent yelling "I'm given it all she's got, captain!"

So we ended up crossing behind Sea Castle by a few seconds. Hard to be disappointed though after all that we did accomplish.

Later last night, the results came out and confirmed what I already knew. First Place finish for the Enterprise!

Once back at the mooring, we celebrated in true Enterprise fashion by my wife passing out cocktails of none other than Romulan Ale, which was apparently a hit:

Yes, it's blue. Did you really think it wouldn't be blue? And yes, we know it's illegal, but we have a border ship that brings us in a case every now and again.

All in all, a fantastic night and a great way to end a racing season.