Leonard Nimoy - 1931-2015

Stardate 11515.3

Captain's Log: Stardate 11515.3
People often ask me where I keep the Starship Enterprise and when I reply to them "City Island", I then get a lot of questions as to where City Island is. And it's usually then that I go into this long description about this Cape Cod-like little island which is part of the Bronx, used to be part of Westchester, has several marinas, four (soon to be three) yacht clubs, a ton of seafood restaurants and the subject of a pretty good Andy Garcia movie.

Aside from those who are familiar with the boat, the first thing people think of when they think of the Starship Enterprise is space. You know, that final frontier thing they keep talking about on TV and movies.

So, to make sure everyone is on the same page -- here is how to find the location of my Starship Enterprise from space:

And no, contrary to popular belief, this is not a video of how I get to the boat each day.

Stardate 11509.0

Captain's Log: Stardate 11509.0
This past Sunday marked the annual Starship Super Bowl Spectacular at our home featuring the Patriots and Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX and enough pizza, wings, chips, chocolate, cheese, pepperoni, beer, cake, cupcakes and cheesecake to ensure enough weight on the rail to make the Enterprise sail perfectly flat in gale-force conditions.

Attending with my wife and I was Captain Dave and the entire Beaver clan - David Jr., Danny and even Karen, who was very happy to finally attend a boat-themed event without having to take Dramamine ahead of time. Dave also brought with him some homemade honey beer (possibly inspired by usually saying things like "Honey, bring me a beer") and a concoction of shredded chicken, spices and melted cheese guaranteed to keep cardiologists in business for years to come. Thank goodness we have enough paper plates, serving spoons and stents for everyone.

Also joining us, after a long drive down from New Hampshire, was Ensign Ceaser and his wife Olga, who was doing her best to fight off a nasty cold. On the way, however, they went to Stop & Shop (where they both stopped and shopped - talk about a well-named store!) to pick up a Super Bowl XLIX Football Cake, which, in honor of the New England Patriots, we quickly deflated:

The cake was a good one, but it could not compete with my wife's cheesecake -- much in the same way that the Seahawks' offensive line could not compete in with the Patriots in the end of the Fourth Quarter.

I did warn everyone that I chose not to spend a whole lot on beer, thinking the crew might prefer my spending funds on things like, you know, life jackets, flares and lifelines instead.

Of course, no Super Bowl game would be a hit without the commercials, but, sad to say, most of them were duds, with the notable exception of the Ted 2 trailer where they try to take the, uhmm, "DNA" of Tom Brady and this hit by the Snickers team:

Unfortunately, Ceaser and Olga left early, but not before discussion about our common desire to get back on the water on board the Enterprise -- with the work parties scheduled for about 10 weeks from now and a launch in 12-13 weeks. The biggest difference this year? Not new sails. Not new rigging. In fact, nothing to do with racing at all. By March or April, the Enterprise will be sporting a new four-bow bimini running from behind the backstay all the way up to the main sheet traveler.

As Dave was quick to point out, a bimini like that could add a major comfort factor to the Around Long Island Regatta. And yes, he's absolutely right: I'm already planning to sit under the bimini in shady cool comfort while the racers go around the island -- all while never leaving the mooring. Ahhhh.