Stardate 11518.6

Captain's Log: Stardate 11518.6
Yesterday, my bride and I went outside and did some exploring, dining, shopping, etc., and, strangely enough, we saw the patch of green fibrous material under the snow:

Having no recollection whatsoever as to what this was, I endeavored to seek out an historian or elder for an explanation. After all, if it was under the snow, it must be from the past. Earth's past. Most likely before the Ice Age (otherwise known as February.)

The elders did not know and suggested I seek out the elders' elders. You know, people older than Commander Richard.

So finally, after reading the ancient texts given to me by them (which were written in early Sumerian), we discovered it is something called "grass". And, interestingly enough, it's a sign of the coming of a season called "Spring", something it seems the planet has not seen since long ago, in ages past, in the beforetime. And it is during this season of Spring that snow melts, grass grows, flowers bloom and temperatures rise above the point where you don't walk outdoors and say "Fuck it's cold."

And, get this, this Spring is also a time where people can leave their homes and work on boats to prepare them for launching. At least that's what they told me.

Could it be true? The end of ice and snow? I find myself hopeful, yet skeptical.

Meanwhile, much earlier that morning, I'm happy to report that my time travel experiment was a success! At about 2:00am, I sent everything forward in time one hour. However, after some research afterwards, I found that although largely successful, there were some failures. For some reason, the experiment did not work in most of the state of Arizona. And, while it did work on cell phones and cable boxes, it did not on most other clocks and wristwatches.

So, back to the code....

Wish me luck in sorting this out. I figure I'll be able to try again in six or seven months.