Stardate 11533.2

Captain's Log: Stardate 11533.2
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Almost two decades ago, the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association (EBYRA) had over 100 boats registered for its Wednesday Night Race Series, with full divisions numbered 6, 5A, 5B, 4, 3A, 3B, 2 and 1. Because of the number of entries, the EBYRA Board grouped boats by type and had what many considered to be the most competitive evening race event in the Northeast, perhaps even the world. The board was strong, full of active club volunteers - two from each club and a Commodore to make a total of nine individuals who worked together and were passionate about what they were doing. I was on that board as a representative for several years before taking on the role of Commodore for 13 years. At the end of 2012, I chose to EBYRetire.

Last night, I attended the 2015 EBYRA Skippers Meeting. In the front of the room were two representatives, one from my club and the other from City Island Yacht Club. No alternates. No reps from HYC or SYC. No Commodore present either. The room had more empty chairs than full ones. 27 boats registered in what looks like will be a three-division series (two spinnaker and one non-spinnaker.) Maybe they'll stretch it to four, but I doubt it.

Out of the 27 entries, 13 are from City Island Yacht Club, two are from my club, the Morris Yacht and Beach Club, and none from Harlem Yacht Club or Stuyvesant Yacht Club.

I understand Stuyvesant Yacht Club has around ten members left, is in severe tax debt, has shuttered its doors, and is looking to sell the building and waterfront land. They're done.

Harlem Yacht Club hosts a competing J/24 event on the same night and their own Friday night series.

The Morris Yacht and Beach Club, with only two boats competing on Wednesday Nights, including the Enterprise, has no boats that compete in YRA events and will, most likely, terminate their membership in the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound.

EBYRA now functions by working outside of its bylaws, conducting business without a quorum. They are trying, but the Corporation is failing and is, or will be very soon, in need of restructuring and asset redistribution -- and I doubt anyone will want to spend the time to do it.

Remember that scene in Star Trek VI where the Federation's Commander in Chief says, "I'll break this information down succinctly. The Klingon Empire has roughly fifty years of life left to it"?

I know all too well about the finances and needed volunteers to keep racing going -- So, I'll break this information down succinctly. EBYRA has roughly one to two years of life left to it.

The only way I see Wednesday Night Racing continuing is if CIYC runs it alone - they have the manpower and the finances to do it, but even that is a band-aid on what seems like a gushing wound.

As for racing on the Enterprise, I suppose there is always Thursday nights by Can One or Manhasset Bay in 2016 or 2017, or perhaps it will be time to transition to day sailing and cruising like so many others have already done. Nevertheless, after 20 years of racing in this area, it's sad to see this decline and probable death knell.