Stardate 11540.5

Captain's Log: Stardate 11540.5
Yesterday morning started out like every other Wednesday morning -- got to my desk with my Pepsi Max, a quick check of email and a short browse of YouTube, Apple Trailers and Sailing Anarchy before digging in to work, while partially daydreaming about the evening's upcoming EBYRA race on the Enterprise.

Lt. Kurt wasn't going to be able to make it, still in some pain after taking an Ensign Ceaser to the knee last week (see previous log entry,) but all was still OK -- that is, if the severe thunderstorm watch wasn't going to be a problem.

And then came the phone call. Eben, EBYRA's Principal Race Officer, wanted to check in to see if he had race committee tonight.


You see, usually long before this time of the season, EBYRA publishes a Race Committee Duty Roster where competitors are assigned a date to perform race committee duty. But, as Eben explained it, the SYC rep, Bob Berent, who had volunteered to make the list, had not done so. And, of course, there was no effort by the Commodore (John Esposito) or the other "active" reps to do it instead. None.

Seriously, how long does it take to make a list of 18 races of RC duty? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? And none of the EBYRA Brain Trust can do that by Race 4? I know that Commodore John is into biking now, Baby Daddy Nanni is now based in Connecticut pissing off a whole new group of racers, and Richie Coar is busy sucking on electronic vape cigarettes, but c'mon guys! I know racing is down, but do a little effort for those of us who are still signed up!

So, Eben was in panic-mode (or as we say on board, "Red Alert") because there was nobody scheduled to do RC duty and he was hoping that I'd volunteer and save the day.

And then there was a moment like in every low-budget television commercial: But, wait! There's more!

At almost 25% into the season, EBYRA still has not registered, insured, or even launched its new (4th) committee boat.

Are you fucking kidding me? Really?

It's like the EBYRA Board are playing a game with each other to see which of them could do the least amount of work and still be exalted as volunteers. Maybe I am mistaking, but on this planet, volunteering to do a job means nothing unless you ACTUALLY DO THE JOB YOU VOLUNTEERED TO DO.

And in the end, who suffers? Those of us who signed up and paid good money to race in this event.

So, fine. As much as I can't stand the process of getting Eastchester Bay sludge and slime off my anchor, I contacted the team for them to arrive earlier and agreed to use the Enterprise as the day's RC boat.

The first to drop out was Foredeck Captain Dave Beaver and his son, who opted to instead study for next week's Regents Exam. Funny, I don't remember my father skipping a race when I had to take that exam. But, hey, times have changed.

The rest of us arrived at the dock, ready to go, but the weather gods had different plans in mind. The winds were 25-33 and the club's launch was shutting down to wait out the high winds. And, to be honest, I was OK with that, knowing how hard it is to anchor in such a breeze, as well as how hard it can be to retrieve the anchor in such a breeze.

I called Eben and he instructed us to stay at the dock for now -- there were some some severe thunderstorms on the radar that looked to make a bad situation worse and he was considering canceling the race from on shore.

And, in a few minutes, he did just that. To be honest, the winds dropped to 18-23 and we never saw anything severe hit the bay for the next hour or two, but it was still a good call. You never know. And I certainly felt better about not putting the Enterprise in the middle of it.

So, next week we'll be back to racing. The Regents will be over, Kurt's knee will mend and all will be good again.

Maybe by then EBYRA will get their act together, publish a RC duty list, and launch their committee boat.