Stardate 11542.2

Captain's Log: Stardate 11542.2
This morning, I received another red-alert voicemail from EBYRA's Principal Race Officer, Eben. Despite that EBYRA spent big money to purchase a new(er) committee boat with two engines so they have a back-up in case one engine fails, Eben reports that both engines failed last night and the committee boat is stuck on a mooring awaiting a mechanic.

He then asked that, in case a mechanic can't come or fix the problem today, can he depend on the Enterprise?

You just can't make this shit up.

So I called him back and said, "Honestly, Eben, not to be a prick, but last week was Enterprise's week. Just because no race happened doesn't mean we get thrown back into the pool again for this year. We're done. You have 30 other boats to choose from. It has to be fair, you know."

Not what he wanted to hear, but he sighed knowing I was right.

So we are racing tonight -- that is if EBYRA can have a working committee boat. But, as I see it, they have plenty of time to get Hustler or Fantasy Girl into Eastchester Bay. After all, if that's what a rep or Commodore has to do to make sure racing goes on, then that's the job they have to do. But you know as well as I, they won't.

EBYRA is dying.

Truth be told, its downfall is the product of what's going on everywhere. Racing is struggling, yachting is struggling and yacht clubs themselves are struggling. As for the racing part, it's the inconsistencies and unfairness of PHRF, the costs, and the hardship of getting a crew together that is simply killing the sport.

That being said, it's times like these where apathy and attitude will hasten the demise and I think that's where things are with EBYRA. Clubs not participating and reps with other priorities -- no attempt whatsoever to reach out to the hundreds of boats in the Eastchester Bay mooring fields and get them into some form of racing.

There's a consensus among the board right now (at least what's left of them) that "we know better than you" and "what you want is not important to us."

They hold firm to less throwouts, big divisions and complex scoring as if Wednesday Night Racing was the ultimate competitive event. If you look at the scratch sheet, there are several boats that, no matter what, simply have no chance. Fun, right?

As to Commodore John, someone named 'No. 6' stated this on Sailing Anarchy: "John's approach to curing the disease seems to be killing the patient. He knows I wish him the best of luck but I think he would be well served were he to listen to what the sailors in Eastchester Bay want from their beer can series. Rather than listening, his default setting is to ridicule. If EBYRA dies, that will be the reason."

I fully disagree with the last sentence. EBYRA is dying to be sure, but that's due to the issues I mentioned earlier. The problem I see is that John isn't doing anything to save it.

Why would he? He hasn't raced on Wednesday Nights in over a decade. If EBYRA explodes, he loses nothing. Same could be said for Vince Nanni, who now races in Stamford. The other reps? Bob Berent is busy folding up Stuyvesant Yacht Club. There is no rep from Harlem YC. Richie Coar from City Island YC and volunteers like Eben just can't do it alone.

Even if John did want to breathe new life into EBYRA, he doesn't have anyone to help him do it.

By the way, the Sailing Anarchy quote came from a thread titled "EBYRA - DTS? Starfleet Command calls Espo a dead Klingon in under 2 yrs", all based on my log entry from Stardate 11533.2.

And while I never did actually call Espo a Klingon, that did get me to thinking. Overbearing. A superiority complex. Full of ridicule. Borderline narcissist.

And then there's all those episodes where Klingons disguised themselves surgically to appear as humans....

Hmmmmmmm. Is John Esposito a Klingon sent from Kronos to destroy EBYRA once and for all? We'll have to wait and see.