Stardate 11542.5

Captain's Log: Stardate 11542.5
The evening started last night with all of us realizing we weren't wearing as many layers as we should have been. It's June! Why the fuck is it in the 50s!? It was colder last night than when we were getting the boat ready two months ago. I think we need to get out some aerosol cans from the 70s and start spraying again towards the ozone layer. A little solar radiation would be more than welcome right about now.

We headed out to the starting area and, as expected, the new EBYRA committee boat was being towed out to the starting area. What a proud moment for EBYRA.

They anchored and set the line in the near-perfect racing conditions (with the exception of air temperature-- brrrr) of 13-15 knots of breeze and clear skies all around, so, naturally, what does the EBYRA committee do? Postpone, of course.

Luckily, the postponement didn't last too long and racing began. Our course was K-L-K -- an excellent choice for most of our division. Missing for the evening was Crewman Elizabeth and Ensign David Jr., who was stuck at home studying for an art appreciation exam, which we all took to mean he was looking at boobs of 18th century babes.

And people ask me why my father is an art dealer....

Let me put it this way - he named his boat Great American Nude and then could not understand why it may offend his wife, his daughter, his grandchildren and members of his yacht club if he included the girl's nipple in the boat graphics.

Anyway, without the boy wonder, Ensign Ceaser was going to have to return to genoa handling, and, for a while there, I couldn't tell who was more discouraged about it, him or me. But, with a little guidance and assistance from Foredeck Captain Dave, our tacks became better and better, even in the building breeze on the first leg. We rounded the first mark in third place and turned towards the second. What was originally going to be a wing-on-wing leg was now a reach thanks to a wind shift -- the Enterprise's fastest point of sail. Another gust and....

Warp 7.7! Sweet. We were holding our own against spinnaker boats on the same point of sail.

Of course, so were the two boats that rounded ahead of us. Nevertheless, it was a great ride.

We rounded the second mark and, despite a few short tacks at the end to get around the point, the leg was practically a fetch. No opportunities to gain any ground.

We crossed the finish line in third and corrected into fourth.

Once back at the mooring, we dined on tortilla chips, Oreos and margarita mix. Lt. Kurt, after checking his blood-pressure sodium diet guide, asked, "Are these whole wheat chips?"

Yeah, cause we're THAT health conscience.

The general rule on board is why shoot for 6-pack abs when you can (for much less effort) have the full keg?