Stardate 11548.2

Captain's Log: Stardate 11548.2
Last weekend, while organizing the final voyage for the late Captain Tony Sklarew, we were unable to get the impulse (diesel) engine started. After a few attempts and some basic troubleshooting with the fuel lines, air filters and electrical, we still had no luck and sent our guests to other boats in the fleet.

We then tried to obtain a tow to Consolidated and, long story short, I am no longer a customer of Sea Tow. Jerks. And Tow Boat US was eager for my business.

So the Enterprise made it to Consolidated on Monday. By Tuesday morning, the news was not good. I asked them to do some other diagnostics, clean some things out and try to get the Universal M-35 running, but, by yesterday morning, the word was:

Today, the engine comes out and we're left with a few options, from somewhat-expensive less-than-perfect and very time consuming, to much more expensive, perfect and, theoretically, a 1-2 week turnaround.

Thanks to an amazing supportive and understanding wife (I'm told most wives would instead take the position of "Fuck you and your little boat too") and some financial assistance from Commander Richard, it looks like I'm leaning towards the best and fastest option -- I'm just waiting for the manufacturer and the mechanic to discuss -- and soon the main engineering room could look like this:

Fingers crossed. More to come....