Stardate 11550.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11550.1
It's been a very troubling couple of weeks but we're starting to see the light at the end of the wormhole. A new Beta 30 engine should be delivered to Consolidated Yacht Yards on City Island at some point today and, hopefully, the install will not take all that long. It's my hope that we will be back to active duty by next week.

So here's what happened: The Bussard Collector Ramscoop experienced a Level 5 Contamination resulting in a failure of the containment system, allowing anti-matter to unsafely mix with the matter storage system. When the impulse engine was engaged, anti-matter was in the warp coils and caused a breakdown of the verterium curtenide. Since anti-matter does not compress in a subspace field, the plasma injectors failed, resulting in a systemic breakdown of secondary and tertiary components, ultimately rendering the Enterprise's impulse drive inert.

For those of you who did not score well in your Intermediate Starship Propulsion Systems class at the Academy: The salt water pump that assists in keeping the engine cool corroded and failed, letting salt water into the diesel engine and mixed with the oil. Salt water entered the cylinders. Salt water does not compress and when there is water in the cylinders, the components around it will rust and give way - Fuel injectors seize and the mechanics inside break down, resulting in the pistons not being able to move fully inside the engine.

And, for those of you who do not know much about engines: The shit be broke. Be broke bad.

So then came the choice -- do we save a little bit of money to ship the quarter-century-old engine out and rebuild it (maybe to specs; maybe not), also losing most of the season waiting, or bite the bullet and repower with a brand new engine, getting us back on the water within a few weeks?

Expensive? Hell yeah. Even with the heaven-sent assistance from Commander Richard with the finances, I'm probably looking at much less Chef Gordon Ramsey and much more Chef Boyardee. Less trips to Lobster Box and more boxes of Gorton's.

But in the end, the Enterprise will have a new engine that's easy to maintain and should last us for many, many years - at least until the year we start thinking about upgrading to an Enterprise-C.

Many thanks to my understanding and ultra-supportive wife, as well as the support and loyalty of the Enterprise crew. We'll be back to exploring the final frontier as soon as possible.