Stardate 11578.4

Captain's Log: Stargate 11578.4
As the Enterprise is awaiting it's winter-season haul-out scheduled for this Friday, I just learned of a status report of one of our crew, Ensign Dave Beaver, Jr., and an injury sustained on the Yonkers Football Field.

Call me a selfish bastard, but I'm just glad it happened there and not on the Enterprise.

So here's a photo of David post-incident:

So, if you ask David what the player that hit him looked like, he will proudly say it was not one player, but three. That they were named Bubba, Tyrone and the other was simply known as "Mad Pitbull". That they weighed 250 pounds each, and most of that is muscle-mass.

And that, with the arm, he still made it to the end zone at the very end of the fourth quarter, winning the game by 1 point, and then carried off by cheerleaders in a victory lap around the field for the screaming fans.

And, of course, that was followed by scholarship offers to ten NCAA colleges.

But, by using the long-range sensors on the Enterprise, we found this image of his terrifying, arm-breaking, scrimmage opponent:

Get better soon David.