Stardate 11602.5

Captain's Log: Stardate 11602.5
Thought very little of it sailing-related, yesterday I led a small landing party to walk around the Progressive (Insurance, not political) New York Boat Show at the Jacob Davits Center in New York City. We were not expecting much, perhaps a few do-dads and do-hickeys for the Enterprise and some conversations with some professionals about future projects, but it is January, the season is still a good four to five months away, and it's a good feeling to be around it all.

Even if it's fucking $50 to park your car.

So, my wife, Lt. Commander Ellen, Lt. Kurt and I walked around, being constantly shoved by powerboaters, and found some Rescue Tape, some fancy drill bits for removing stripped-head screws, some chemical thingy which keeps your windows and shower doors from getting foggy or "drippy", a kick-ass LED headlamp, and enough literature/brochures to make every bowel movement for the next couple of months somewhat boating related.

And, I did get to talk to some guys there about floorboards, autopilot wiring, and, though costly to be sure, air conditioning.

I also saw a very-interesting possible-one-day replacement for the Enterprise's "Big Unit":

Not just a self-contained GPS, but one that will guide your autopilot to follow your route and a network display that could show radar, sonar, instruments, engine readings, charts (3 kinds), night vision, cameras, and more. Hmmmm. Maybe it's time to unload a few collectibles on eBay.

Captain Dave and Ensign Dave, Jr. wanted to come as well, but, according to Dave, he had to attend (at gunpoint, I presume) his mother-in-law's dog's birthday party.

Yes, you heard that right. Dave had to attend his mother-in-law's dog's birthday party.

Haven't lost your respect for Dave yet? Well, wait, there's more.

He sang "Happy Birthday" at the party....

To. The. Dog.

Anyway, up next is my annual trip to Las Vegas where an Enterprise-C is always in the dreams but never in the cards and our Starship Super Bowl party. Then the rest of February, then March, and then, hey!, it's time to get the Enterprise launched!