Stardate 11616.7

Captain's Log: Stardate 11616.7
It's the end of an era. Just a few moments ago, the following subspace message (email) was sent to the crew of the Enterprise:


If all goes according to plan, the Enterprise will launch in a little over nine weeks.

However, with EBYRA falling apart at the seams, compiled with the constant costs of maintaining a racing campaign, I have decided to not race the Enterprise this year on Wednesday Nights.

Keep in mind: This is not an end, but more like a new beginning — Ellen and I plan to invite you all, regularly, to weekend day sails, weeknight cruises and fireworks events, maybe even an overnighter. It will be a season full of sailing, just not competitively.

Some of you have travelled great distances each week using trains, buses, ferries, subways and parents’ cars to race on the Enterprise, and although I know you were doing it for your own enjoyment, I truly appreciate the effort, sacrifice, and, in some cases, spent “spouse/kids capital” to be on my team. For over 10 years now, the Enterprise-B has been taking us on long voyages, short cruises and some very interesting racing. C&C made a great boat to be sure, but it’s you guys that made her special.

Our voyages will continue. Promise. Beginning this May.

All the best,


Edd M. Schillay
Starship Enterprise
C&C 37+ | Sail No: NCC-1701-B
City Island, NY

The official, on-the-books, reason is that the trophy case is so full that we can't squeeze in one more pickle dish.

And, to be honest, after 20+ years, it kinda is, and it's a pretty big case too -- but in all seriousness, it's just time to start the next chapter. I've been putting a lot of work into the Enterprise to make her comfortable and better the sailing experience on board, most of which is contradictory to the rigors of the racing lifestyle.

It's not just EBYRA (though it has gotten worse and worse over the past couple of years and has lost a good amount of its "fun-factor") and I may not be done with racing all together - OPB for Me! (Other People's Boats.) I really just want to transition the Enterprise from a ship used for the battle of racing to a ship of exploration.