Stardate 11709.9

Captain's Log: Stardate 11709.9
Last night, Captain Dave, Ensign Dave Jr., and Lt. Kurt joined my wife and I for our annual Super Bowl gathering - and what looked like, after the first half, to be one of the worst games of all time turned into one of the greatest. Congratulations to the Patriots on an amazing comeback. A good time was had by all, to be sure.

However, I received some sad news this morning -- Art Karpf, skipper of C&C 35 Snow Goose, was found deceased in the water near his houseboat, Off-Limits, at the Glen Island Yacht Club in New Rochelle. It appears Art, 83, who has had many medical issues, had some sort of medical event and fell into the cold water.

Art sailed Snow Goose to many victories in the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association, several of which against us on the Enterprise-A (but we did beat him once.) Some of the most well-known sailors in EBYRA are given nicknames -- for example Vince Nanni is "The Pope", John Esposito is "The Dick", and even I have been known as "Captain Kirk", though I have no idea why. Art was known by several as "The Wizard", either due to his Gandalf-esqe bearded look or his magical ability to to defy all odds and sail a 1970s-era C&C 35 to victories against boats that are much much faster. Perhaps it was a combination of both.

I last saw Art at the wake party for Tony Sklarew. We sat on the couch reminiscing of adventures long ago. On the race course, we were frequently adversaries, but there was always a mutual respect and camaraderie between us - something that I think has long disappeared in the racing world.

Eight bells Art. May your next voyage be filled with smooth seas and fair winds.