Stardate 11717.5

Captain's Log: Stargate 11717.5

No, I'm not talking about a Romulan plot to replace/clone officers on the command crew, nor am I talking about that attempt by Klingon spies to lure the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone. No, it was Mother Nature, led by that asshole rodent, the Groundhog.

For well over a week, it was warm. Spring warm. 60s. Trees were starting to bud. Birds were flying around. The calendar said February, but the blue skies and temperatures said April. There was one day it hit the 70s. My car air conditioning kicked on.

And I was smart about it. I gave it a few days to normalize before I got too excited. But the warm days kept coming, and after some time, I fell for it and went out to the Enterprise:

Just beaming back on board was, in a word, GLORIOUS! As I checked systems (solar-charged batteries at 13.4V -- sweet!) and started my punch list of things to do before launching, I thought about how I was going to spend each and every weekend fixing this, building that and just enjoying the sea air.

I even turned on the warp core and connected it to my iPhone's Bluetooth connection. Great music drowned out the whirrr of the bilge pump. Spring is here! And it felt damn good. Until....

The next weekend. 30. Wind Chill at 17. Fucking cold again! Damn I need to move out of New York.

Either that or grab several aerosol cans and spray towards the ozone on a really high ladder.

If only global warming were real. If only. Fuck the polar bears, I want to go sailing.

So, back to waiting - checking my thermometer each day, the forecast each night and dog-earing pages in the Defender catalog. At least I can do some boat-related work in my home workshop, organizing all the parts I need to finish the autopilot and new "Big Unit" install, as well as fashion a new panel to mount instruments and voltage meters for the Main Power and Auxiliary Power banks:

Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate in the coming weeks so I can get back out there, launch the Enterprise, and continue our voyages through the Final Frontier.