Stardate 11724.4

Captain's Log: Stardate 11724.4
Spring is here! And I know not because the calendar says so, but because it's that time of year when this is on every boater's mind:

And no, this does not mean it's time to put Defender on Deside of Deboat when coming to Dedock.

You see, every spring, we have a list of things we need to buy -- bottom paint, tape, rollers, and any other gear that we need for projects to improve our boats, and it is every spring that there is a group of days where you can save quite a bit on those things:

The Defender sale! The Defender sale!

So, browser open and list in hand, it's time to add to cart, add to cart, add to cart.... Buy everything! And all at once!

Do I need this? Yes! Add to cart.

Do I need this? Oh yeah! Add to cart.

Do I need these? Maybe. Ah, what the fuck. It's on sale now. Add to cart.

Hey. That looks cool. Can I install that? Will it fit? Who knows. Add to cart.

And after about the 20th mouse click, I get this message from my Wells Fargo checking account:

Ah, no big deal. Everyone skips a mortgage payment now and then, right? And I hear people lived for a long time before we had things like electricity and telephones.

Totally worth it -- it's for the Enterprise, and it's time for sailing season to begin again!