Stardate 11772.3

Captain's Log: Stardate 11772.3
The end of the season is rapidly approaching -- oh no -- and I'm making plans to haul the Enterprise for the winter, so, before hibernation and depression sets in, I wanted to take a few moments and recap the highlight of the season - the C&C Rendezvous in Greenport:

Stardate 11767.7
With the Enterprise fully loaded with all of our food, gear and clothes, we started our 9-day voyage, departing City Island (Starbase One) and set course for Norwalk Cove Marina. While the voyage was uneventful and the docking maneuver a little tricky backing into a slip, the day had two amazing highlights: the delicious dinner at the Sunset Grille and that we left City Island ahead of schedule because -- get ready guys -- my wife was ready to go early. My Wife. Was Ready. To Go. Early. At this point, every married boat owner is saying "No way. Can't be true." But it is. And not just 15 minutes early -- we were dropping the mooring a good hour ahead of schedule. Back off guys - she's mine.

Stardate 11767.9
We departed Norwalk ahead of schedule (I'm starting to see a trend) and made our way along the Connecticut shoreline to Milford Yacht Club, who provided us with a easy in-and-out dock space close to the harbor entrance.
I really like the Milford Yacht Club, but it seems like every time I go there, the pool and restaurant are closed -- It's the Tuesday after Labor Day! Still have two more weeks of summer on my calendar! Oh well. At least the launch service will take us on a 15-minute journey into town where you can find many good restaurants and stroll the shops.

Stardate 11768.2
I think I spent more time looking at weather radar this day than looking at the navigation. We knew, from day one, that there was an 80% chance of rain this day, so, with the rest of the trip forecasted for 70s and partly cloudy, we'd just bear with it. Luckily most of the heavy rain was going far north of us, so our voyage to Cedar Island Marina in Clinton was only slightly wet with a few passing sprinkles. On approach after the ultra-tight channel, we hailed the marina for dock space and assistance. Nothing. Switch channels and hail again. Nothing. We go past the fuel dock and there was nobody there. A quick look at the outer side of F Dock, which was my preference for the whole easy-in and easy-out thing, but it was jammed with mega yachts. We saw a spot on the inside outermost section and decided to go for it, which included a ultra-narrow u-turn spinning the 40-foot Enterprise through a 50-foot opening - and without any dockhands anywhere to be found, we were on our own. In no time we were tied up and connected to shore power. We then walked over to the office and not only told them where we were but also added, we're not moving. They apologized for not having any staff around (remember, it was drizzling so they all called in sick) and gave us a discounted rate. The rain started coming down later in the day, but dinner at Rocky's AQUA was fantastic nevertheless. Before going to bed, we watched STAR TREK Beyond in the captain's quarters. "Montgomery Scotty, you take my house and you make it fly."

Stardate 11768.5
As expected, the weather cleared by the next morning, providing us with crystal clear conditions for our next part of the journey. The plan was to get to Greenport a day ahead of the other C&C'ers and all systems were "go"! We left Clinton Harbor to experience some six-foot waves, which made for an uncomfortable first hour getting to deeper water. The winds were a westerly, reaching well into the 20s, but, thankfully, our course was east by southeast and we were not going to feel the full force of it all. With several boats expected the next day, most of them from father east, we wondered if the winds would die down enough or would it be too much for people. After going through Plum Gut at Warp 8.9, we were tied up in Greenport about an hour or so later. This was our first time here and, despite the super long walk to use the restroom and showers, the location could not be nicer. We were right in the middle of town, surrounded by water, a park, as well as tons of boutique stores and restaurants.
Then the emails started coming in - one cancellation, then another. The weather was just too much for some of these guys. And then, out of the blue, the co-organizer who has taken his boat to Bermuda several times, through the Atlantic Ocean, decided that he just can't handle the 80-mile trip through Block Island Sound and Eastern Long Island Sound. So, you know, no hard feelings but...

We had dinner that night with Captain Rob Gallagher of the USS Hanuman at Claudio's, probably the most famous eatery in the North Fork of Long Island. This was going to be the first of three nights here.

Stardate 11768.8
Other C&C's began to show up -- USS Aries, USS Hideaway, USS Harbor Lights -- as well as Captain Josh Muckley and his wife from USS Sea Hawk based in Maryland (they came by car) and, before you knew it, the Rendezvous has officially started. This day, and the next one, were filled with cockpit gatherings, informal boat tours, C&Cs (Cigars and Cocktails -- including the Enterprise's supply of Romulan Ale) on C&Cs, walking trips through Greenport, great food and great stories. It was a real pleasure hosting it all and showing off the Enterprise, including our new bedspread:
As night three winded down, we said our goodbyes and made sure to get some rest before embarking on our Voyage Home -- without any humpback whales or time travel storyline this time.

Stardate 11769.3
We left Greenport early for our longest leg of the trip (35 miles) towards Branford, CT, specifically the Bruce and Johnson Marina. Now, normally, this place gets rave reviews, but our experience was lacking. First of all, I asked for an outside dock (remember the whole easy-in and easy-out thing?) and even though they had them there, they gave me something pretty far in and, frankly, a little tight for a starship of our size. The dockhand was of little to no help pulling in, they had no ice, the WiFi wasn't working and there would not be any dock help until after 10:30 the next morning (Monday). What the hell is going on with marinas after Labor Day? Hello? It's STILL summer! Nevertheless, we met some nice people who owned a Nordic Tug 37 which got my wife into thinking about the possibility of trawlers as the next Enterprise. Uh oh. Despite the marina's a-week-past-Labor-Day's shortcomings, we were treated to a beautiful sunset:
And, our dinner that night was probably the best of the entire voyage, all at the onsite restaurant overlooking the water.

Stardate 11769.6
Thanks to a helpful, yet slightly late, dockhand, we left Branford without incident. This was our eighth day on the water and, just to be sure, I asked my wife if she'd prefer that we skip the next stop and just head on back home, which would only take an extra 3-4 hours. The weather was phenomenal and after a quick thought at how comfortable everything has been, she opted to continue on with the original plan. Next stop: Captain's Cove Marina in Black Rock, CT.
Captain's Cove is a fun place to be sure, usually with some live music and lots of people around taking in the sights. But, as you guessed, it was after Labor Day. So, despite not mentioning anything about it on their website, the restaurant was closed. As were the shops. Ugh. Still, we made the best of it by watching the college crew rowing teams practice and ordering a pizza delivered to the boat. We did consider some fresh fish instead:
I have to say -- I know the idea was to sample different seafood restaurants in each port, but having a hot pizza with my wife on board the Enterprise was a real joy. Easy as (pizza) pie and, honestly, a bit of a relief on the wallet.

Stardate 11769.9
As we passed Execution Rock Lighthouse on this, our ninth day, we reflected back at how nice a trip this was - and there was even one point, as we approached Hart Island,where my wife asked wouldn't it be nice to even stay a few more days and what would need to happen to make that so. I told her it was a great trip, but it will also be good to go home and sleep in a bed that doesn't also feel like an MRI. Nevertheless, I told her that if, once we got past Hart Island, City Island was somehow no longer there, we'd have to stay on board another night. I must admit that there was a slight amount of disappointment rounding Rock 46 and seeing City island's Belden Point, the Lobster Box and Johnnie's Reef Restaurant less than a mile away. Within a few minutes, we picked up the ultra-gross mooring lines, shut the systems down and packed up. On the launch ride back to the club, I looked back to the Enterprise, our home for the past nine days, and was really happy to have such a great voyage, spending time with my wife, exploring new "worlds", and making some new friends.

Captain's Log: Supplemental
I'm already planning the C&C Rendezvous for next year. Details coming soon, but, for now, check this out -- and crank the sound way up!