Stardate 11778.1

Captain's Log: Stardate 11778.1
October signifies the start of many bad things to come:

First you have every snot-nosed kid in the neighborhood walking around town dressed as a Marvel or DC superhero looking for candy.

Then you have a day with family in which you stuff yourself with food. And, let's face it, after about an hour with these people, you remember why it was that you moved out in the first place.

And, before you know it, Santa's fat ass is all over television and store fronts.

Let's not also forget the months of cold air, ice, and snow. It's true, winter is my fourth favorite season, and it's on its way.

Of course, the event that sets this all off is this one:

Yesterday, at high tide, the Enterprise was lifted out of the water, brought to a spot in the parking lot between two other boats and decommissioned for the season.

It's a very surreal experience being on board during those first few moments when the slings under the hull lift up, tighten up with a eerie creaking sound, and then lift your boat out of the water 12 feet in the air. The failure of a block, a cable, even a metal pin, and the Enterprise would fall to certain destruction and most likely a pretty bad injury for me - or worse. Yet, the guys at the club yard have been doing this for some time now and the nervousness going through my head as we "floated" forward through the air was eased by thinking of a quote from the most recent movie -- something about "make it fly"....

It's an exhausting day between the docking, winterizing the engine, and power-washing layers of Eastchester Bay crud, seaweed, barnacles and brine shrimp off the bottom. In other words: Seek out new life forms... and blast them off my ship!

There's only a few more things left to do, like removing cushions, drain a thru-hull, clean the head and check the impeller, then the Enterprise waits for my ever-growing Spring project list to begin. While it is months away, I really hope the Stardate 11830's come quick so that we can once again launch, recommission and continue our explorations of the Final Frontier.