Stardate 11829.6

Captain's Log: Stardate 11848.5
Summer has finally arrived! And, thanks to the good work of the team at Doyle Sailmakers on City Island, the Enterprise has been fitted with a brand new Stack Pack!

No more sail ties. No more acrobatics by two or more people to flake the main. Now we just unzip, attach the halyard and hoist! And then, yeah, Warp Speed!

And when we're finished, we drop the halyard, the main falls into the Pack, zip and done! One person can do it all.

It's great to finally get to use the sail again that, to be honest due to all the work to raise and lower it, was not used once in the past two seasons. Super sweet!

Meanwhile, I'm still loving the experience of racing -- on someone else's boat! I'm now on my third season of EBYRA racing on New Freedom where the headstay has more sag than a Golden Girls cast reunion and the skipper drives with more S's than a seventh grader named Susan spelling "possessionlessnesses" in a Mississippi Spelling Bee.

(Yes, that's a real word. Look it up.)

Most of the team is still there, including Big Robb, who made it a New Year's resolution not to yell from the foredeck any longer (and which I'm now working to force him to break it.) C'mon windy days!

Speaking of EBYRA, there has been a major shake-up:

Espo. Gone.

The remaining three clubs of EBYRA held a vote to remove him from the organization and elected the Thin Man himself, Todd Aven, as the new EBYRA Commodore.

A surprise? No, not really. After all, John was nowhere to be found at last year's Awards Brunch, he's not a member of any of the City Island clubs, and he's probably spending more time in spandex biking shorts on trails than foul weather gear on the water.

But there's arguably bigger news:

Pope. Gone.

Apparently, the shake-up includes a impending resignation by baby-daddy Vince Nanni as the MYBC representative and famed EBYRA Curmudgeon. He's been there since the beginning. Whoa!

That all led to a text message from Commodore Aven -- can I come back to the EBYRA Board as the new MYBC rep? Sheesh! I suddenly feel like Michael Corrleone:

My initial internal reaction was NFW. I did my time and I did it longer than anyone. And it was brutal. I'd prefer a novocaine-free series of root canals. Thankfully, that decision is for the MYBC Commodore, who will probably never ask me and I can remain happily EBYRetired.

Besides, with less than 30 boats entered and with roughly 15-20 out on any given night (including the most beautiful wind-filled cool evenings), I don't believe EBYRA will be around much longer. I fear next year will be a Can One year or, quite possibly, the end of my racing career...

... which actually may be OK too. Between the batteries, bimini, Stack pack and more, I'm starting the love the cruising lifestyle. You know, exploring strange new worlds and new civilizations.